Saturday, September 25, 2021

I'm Still Missin You

 The calendar pages just keep flying by.  I look at the list of blogs I have followed over the years and who is still posting.  I have taken to watching youtube vlogs.  I have my people I follow.  And most don't know I exist.  These people mostly have thousands of followers. 

 Over time, life has seemed to narrow my friends group.  It's bound to happen.  Kids grow up, interests change, your life direction shifts, people move (even a little) and you don't easily connect or bump into people.  Even a small thing like buying books and borrowing on the Kindle app, keeps me out of the Library and socializing there.  This was happening before Covid sucked so much life and hope out of our souls.  I often pine for the days gone by when getting together was spontaneous and frequent.  When someone would drop in.  When I'd mix up an apple crisp and make a call for someone to come and eat it.  For the days when kids would drag other kids home and our table expanded to fit all of the hungry.

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, tree and outdoors

But this is where we are now.  We have kids and in-laws and grandkids.  Wonderful babies and toddlers and talkers and runners.  And this is what a family picture looks like when you blend.  When you learn how to work it out together.  And when you've come out the other side with a appreciation for the blessings you have.  Excuse the uphill and downhills in the photo.

It hasn't always been easy.  Somedays it's not easy now.  But it is so, so worth it.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Back to the blogggg

It has been a long time since I have written anything here. It just was easier to drop out a bit.  I have been taking too many pictures with my phone and that doesn't lend itself to blog posts like a regular camera.  I was having issue with my kindle this fall so I got a new tablet for Christmas. I am trying to sort some things out and see if I can get going again on here instead of Facebook. I'm not handling all the virus/media posts very well. We are still without pastor. Trying to help with online church. Working fulltime. Not juggling well. And so I crave some away time...but not away.  Just away from the daily... escaping to my home and not answering questions or solving problems or fixing food...maybe some binge watching, sewing, puzzling, baking, anything that takes me away from what I've been doing for a while.  So I'm going camping.  And it's supposed to be rainy... but that's ok.  I have some books and a warm blanket and a deck of cards.  And no alarm clocks.  It's going to be just fine.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Another day in November

I've been in a bit of a busy funk lately.  SO the success I had yesterday in getting some things crossed off my list was HUGE.  I have had so much stuff hanging over my head as undone and making me feel so behind.  I had started things that weren't finished.  I had parts for projects that didn't even get started.  I have ideas that I'm having trouble coming up with plans for.  It has been nice having a few less stress days in the past couple of weeks.  Do you do that?  Sort of get stuck or parallized by the TO-DO list?  Sometimes you just have to figure out a way to escape your normal demands and give yourself a little grace to get things back in order.

I switched up my leading this year.  I stepped back from doing youth girls bible study and slid from the adult ladies sunday school class to teaching the high school class.  It was not the best fall schedule for teaching so far, but I'll be there again this week, miss the next 2 weeks and then should be golden for the rest of the year and into April.

I have sort of lost my ladies Bible Study groups.  I've been involved with a few over the years, but with the different direction we have gone with work and kids and such, I'm kind of without a group the last couple of years.  This summer I found on instagram Women Living Well and Courtney Joseph, who has written several Bible Study workbooks and has her own method of studying and marking scripture.  i jumped in for her summer session this year and read/studied Psalm 51-100.  This fall I joined them with I Corinthians and now this Monday, November 4th, I'm starting the study, which she has done for 10? years.  You can order the printed journal on Amazon, and it comes pretty quick, or there are pages you can download from the website without ordering another book  There are facebook groups that form each time to give you smaller community to discuss and message.  I haven't done one of those yet.

I need to go set all my clocks back an hour and tell my dogs to sleep in, in the morning...yeah, good luck with that!

happy november

I wonder what has happened to the art of blogging.... and if we've all just lost our ambition on it and are resorting to instagram and facebook and texting.  I am trying to get it going again, but realize I've fallen victim to the cell phone photo syndrome.  I'll see if I can record here more often, with or without pictures.

Today was a sort of working day.  But I've had too many working days and evenings and I've become burned out in so many ways.  We have hired a part time girl to help share the load.  Hoping that when crazy hits in January, we can juggle a bit better, but we will also lose one in February to a new baby.  But back to today.  I have some goals that I wanted to complete while the weather was still good - while it was warm and the windows could be open and things would dry and air out better.  But despite those things working against me at this late date, I have completed a re-do on my bathroom.  It is what I referred to as the kids bathroom, but no kids live her anymore... so it's the public bathroom.  Because we have an office at our house, it is the bathroom that our employees use all day.  I'm coming to terms with sharing my space.  It comes and goes.. being a bit more prickly about it some days more than others.  I have had the paint for over 2 months before I started this project.  I moved it in and out of the bathroom several times.  And finally I just decided I was never going to find time.  I would have to make time.  So I picked stuff up and moved some out and painted the ceiling.  Two coats.  Then I painted the dark brown vanity white.  Two coats.  Then I put a coat of primer on the walls. Then I painted the walls a nice lavendar/lilac/purple color.  Two coats.  I bought a new light, because I had a broken part on the light and replacement was not available to fix it. So i got a bit of help from my spouse and installed it.  Then went back to Lowe's and picked up 2 styles of globes and tried them out...kept 3 returned 3.  And I got brave or crazy.  And I sanded the countertop that was 70s gold-veined fake marble and damaged my brain cells, despite the mask I wore, and painted it pewter.  Two coats.  It suggests that you wait at least 3 days before 'using' the counter.  I waited 5 before setting anything on it.  While I waited,  I slipped over to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found the perfect shower curtain and a couple of hand towels to match.  FINALLY SUCCESS !!

SO that was yesterday.  Today I got up with the goal of packing up the clothes and bedding and towels and things that need put into tubs in the camper for the winter.  AND bringing in the food from the camper. Thought we did better this year, but there's always several trips of hauling in the contents of the cupboards there, and fitting it into the cupboard of the house.  So, I opened the doors wide and started sorting.  Once you get started, it becomes easier and easier to pitch things. - expired food, old cereal, crackers not so crispy, something you bought but no one would eat.  Combining boxes and tossing old barley.  Jim will be busy helping me unload my truck in the morning into his dumpster, but WOW~!  It feels great here right now.
I've also been working on reclaiming the toyroom that had turned into a leftover stashing place.  But we sort of need a kids play, while we work space, so I worked a long time to strip the linoleum and glue off the top of this desktop.  Then sand and put a couple of coats of polyurethane and then set it up on the bottom pieces. Pull the chair in from my sewing machine.  Plugged in a power strip.  And brought a laptop and a tub of records down to input into QuickBooks.  We tried it out on Thursday and it was pretty nice to let Elli run and play and not try to keep her corralled.

One thing left to complete the bathroom re-do was cutting a piece of white pegboard to divide the doored area from the drawered area. Last year for Christmas my kids bought me a table saw.  It was still in the box in the corner of the living room.  SO now that my kitchen was a bit more sorted out, I dragged the box out of the living room, through the kitchen and into the garage.  There was some assembly involved, but I managed to get it up and running and cut the pegboard to size and install it inside that cabinet.  AND smiled hugely the whole time.

I didn't eat supper until late and that pause was just enough to lose my momentum.  I had planned to cut and prep to sew, but I was tired enough to know that mis-cutting was not worth it at this time.  So I googled a couple of things, Pinterest hopped a little, did a couple of calculations and made some notes and I'll be ready to get going on this tomorrow.  I did this with a glass of wine...

Now it's past time to let the dogs out one last time and go to bed.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take a couple of pictures and add them in.  But if not, here's a post.  Happy November..

Friday, August 30, 2019

Fleeting Summer

How did it get to be the end of August already?  Am I destined to watch the days, months, and years fly by at a rate that makes my head spin?  It's very possible that after you get over the hump of 50, that's just the way it is.  And that I am.  Have talked with a friend about starting a different kind of blog.  One that we tag-team write on.  But so far, it's still in the talking stage.  Wondering what it is that we have to say, that would entertain those who want to hear??  Thinking, thinking, thinking...

The end of summer, here on the border of New York and Pennsylvania is always a wake up call.  PA schools have returned back to the classroom this week and NYS school will following next week.  Funny how even without a life that cycles around the school year these days.  With the kids out of the house, no grandkids doing school yet, and our jobs not attached to the schools here, how we are still so tuned in to the change that is marked by BACK TO SCHOOL. And kind of funny that I still view summer as a freer time.  Is it really?  Or are we just so programmed from our youth to make it seem that way.  One benefit of that whole thinking is that the weather in September is usually every bit as nice as summer weather, but the larger tourist community has returned to routine, leaving the VRBO houses and the locations around them, much quieter.  This is the second year we will do our "summer vacation" in September and it was very relaxing last year.  My regular life tends to be a zoo now most of the year.  There are some spots and trips I'd like to take to busy places, but right now, I just crave peace....and quiet....and no questions to answer....

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Been busy, oh so busy, and oh, how I hate that excuse.  Perhaps its an admittance that I have been plugged into different, faster social media, and neglecting the blog posting.  Partly, because I don't really have followers, so the 'likes' on instagram and facebook stroke my ego.  Not a pretty thing to confess, but it's the truth of today's culture.  Why do I care?  It just fuels insecurity. Rotten social media, anyway

off on another trail.... I got a new camera a year and a half ago.  My old Kodak had a dock attached to my computer and you'd charge the battery and upload the pictures with a couple of quick clicks...  Then I replaced it with a camera that was so-so.  I really like this one better and I have used it quite a bit, but I don't put those pictures on that computer.  They are on the laptop... and I don't make a habit of posting the blog stuff on the laptop.  But I guess maybe I should get back in that habit... Take a few pics and then post them and keep track...  I have in my family, a new dentist, a new mama and baby, a new daughter-in-law, a new sewing machine....a new car at our house and my mom's and 2 kids... it might be an epidemic...

I spent a couple of evenings knitting a row or two... but haven't sat back in that chair for several nights, so the knitting lays abandoned and waiting...  I'm better at reading.  When I'm riding to work or trying to get sleepy, I read and I finished this one and loaned it and it's already come back.  I MIGHT have a slight book issue.  I buy books and read- alot!  and I get discount books and ebay books and book sale books - I'm not picky... and I read and share and stock and stack, but I've again run out of room.  However do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?  I have quite a few unread and waiting, but many have been read and.... what now?  Time to send some books home with people.

I've been doing a little sorting in my sewing/craft space for the same reason.  When you can't put stuff away, because there's no space, it's probably time to make some stuff and share some fabric.  So the pile grows... it's right over by the overflowing book wall..

Have any of you tried ZENNI for glasses?  I did it for sunglasses - so much cheaper than my eye doctor.  Then I got a pair of fun glasses to swap in.  They may not be as wonderful a fit as my regular ones, but sometimes you've just gotta switch it up.  The sunglasses though are the bomb!

I have a bunch of running around for the next few weeks, and that's ok.  Some involves campgrounds, where book and magazine rule the day.  I've been known to join in some hands of 500, but I'm no card shark and I enjoy doing it without rhyme or reason and that drives some folks crazy, so I'm picky about who I play with.

SO much rattling in so many different directions, but it's a post.  Go read that Sold On A Monday book and let me know how you liked it.  If you're local, you can borrow mine.

Let's talk again real soon...  About Toronto and Hillsong and wine trails and The Good Witch....
These 2 girls are good traveling companions!  Even my hubby thinks so, as he hauled us 3 women to Toronto and back - and he'd do it again in a heartbeat, cuz we're so FUN!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Sometimes life just gets busy.  And sometimes you don't do the whole camera thing like you used to and you discover how easy it is to take some pictures with your phone and pop them in a text or on facebook or instagram.  And then your blog posts whittle down to non-existant.
That's sort of where I've found myself lately... running and running, but not catching up...

but there are some advantages to working these days.  I have an awesome trainee who makes me laugh a lot...

The stickers?  I gave them to her and wondered where she was sticking them... and then she turned her head and my question was answered.

Being a grandma is something I'm still getting used to.  But she likes me and knows I can find her things like "noo" cuz who doesn't love snow?  and go-go, because we feed those birds to watch them... and yo-yo cuz Go-gurts was an awesome invention.

I have just finished this book and it was non-fiction and I don't blow through them and fast.  I posted it and realized that I was in March and had only read 4 books... such a hard time of year for reading..  But I have a Lisa Wingate and sure that will go fast.  I'm thinking about reading myself to sleep right now.

and that's about it

How about you?  What's on your nightstand?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Yarn Along - Jan 2019

this is my Yarn Along for January 2019-
linking up with Ginny at Small Things...
" ~Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me each month and share what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Post your photo(s) on your blog or on Instagram (#yarnalong) and then share a link below to either your blog or Instagram post!~ (this post contains affiliate links.)"

SOOOOoooo- here is my picture of books-  It's a decent sized pile... some were gifts and some were found on ebay and it is really hilarious.  At the time of year that I have little to no time to read, I buy lots of books and try to lose myself in them at every possible chance.  I crave a wait, so I can read until its my turn. Last year I was able to read 35 books, and considering I was stuggling the past 2 months, I think that's fantastic!  Let's figure out where I'm starting.  Here's 11 on the stack for now.  I also know there's another in the mail.  I have opened Uninvited as a starter.  The Weekly Prayer Project will be an ongoing read through the year.  One of my 'virtual' friends mentioned Loving My Actual Life, so I think I'll have that one soon, and Ruth and Naomi is to go along with our Sunday Night bible study book.  I could be setting myself up for a fall, and my max is to read one fiction and one non-fiction at a time and this pile has a lot of non-fiction.  Might have to lift a fiction from here, or load one onto my kindle... good night reading...

and yarn.... I started this knit more than a year ago.  I have dragged it around quite a bit.  And now, I just don't care.  So as I clear out a bit of the clutter in my work/crafty spaces, this is going. 

I pulled it out, rolled it up in a ball and now, I'll start with a smaller project and a bigger knit.  And hoping when I post the February Yarn along, I have something more to show... Too many of this type of things in project bags and I haven't been taking the time to enjoy needles and yarn.  Slowness and failure has stopped me a bit, but this is the year for change... for letting go and for knowing that I am ENOUGH.

Actually, I think I'm doing a Harry Potter read this year.  It's been a long time and my kids left me in the dust...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy Happy 2019!

Yeah... I will be writing that year wrong for several weeks.  Who am I kidding.  Somedays I still try to start with "19.."  oh, yeah.  I'm that girl.  It's a pause day, but sometimes those just leave me floating.  Not sure if I should start something, try to work on something, or just grab a new book and lounge in my chair with a fire in the fireplace.

I have a tree still up with minimal decorations, cuz that's what I felt like this year.  It's a little burnt-out side effect.  UPDATE:  I went upstairs and took the 12 frosty balls off the tree, the 1 other ornament, and took the tree apart and boxed it up.  Last Christmas I decided to go artificial.  There are allergy issues in my house, so I dropped my need for a live tree.  And what a deal I got!  A friend had a tree with white lights that she didn't want.  She wants colored lights, not white lights.  She got a good price after Christmas on this tree and when she went to put it up the next year, she was so disappointed  that she went and bought another tree with colored lights and she was happy to get this one out of the way!  The box really is kind of bulky... but the tree... if you go artificial, I LOVE IT!!

I did a few things and wandered around a bit and didn't write this.  I'm trying to clear some counter space in my workroom... my craftroom... my disaster area, actually.  I am trying to stash away wrapping stuff, put away any leftovers, and toss out scraps of paper and put away things that have a place.  Part of the problem is, there are many things that don't really have a place.

 This has a bit of my time and a lot of my heart these days.  Being a grandma is pretty wonderful.  This was a good kid Christmas and next year, we'll have another one to wrinkle paper with.  It's funny how we sound like our parents and grandparents now, talking about how time flies.
 I'm hoping that we can get good help, and strike a little better balance in the work of  'crazy season' here.  We are going to try to make a dinner date together every other week.  If not, the days just slip away and I forget how good a little hug can feel.  Elli has the cutest curls, and as a curly, I can appreciate the look.

I know it was a long, dry stretch.  I'd like to say my writing will pick up.  With hardly any readers, and a crunch of time, it doesn't take long for 3 months to go by with no posts.  And I haven't been reading those I follow much either.  I'd like to think I could get back to writing... we will see.

Right now I think I need some chocolate... and another Hallmark movie...  Happy 2019

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Yarn Along in October

"The Yarn Along began in early Fall 2010 as a weekly way to share knitting projects and good reads; motivating ourselves, and inspiring each other.  After a hiatus during 2017, it returned in January 2018 as a monthly link up. On the first Wednesday of each month, knitters, and a few crocheters as well, link up and share what they are knitting along with what they are reading. The link up remains open all month long. I hope you’ll join our Yarn Along community. It’s a sweet little place to share, inspire, and encourage each other." Ginny Sheller at Small Things

My present scorecard is reading much higher in the reading and pretty low in the knitting.  I've been reading pretty strongly for the past few months.  My hubby and I spent a week relaxing at a Cape Cod VRBO.  It was soooo lovely.  We have been getting busier and busier with our work.  And that is wonderful.  But it is also tiring sometimes.  And I just need to be away from people.  So, these are the books I have read recently, along with the 2 I just started.
 I finished The Endless Beach.  I have read all the the Jenny Colgan books I have come across.  The names are all foreign to my ears, and at the beginnings, I often get my characters mixed up.  But by the middle, I'm all sorted out and I usually finish strong!!!
  The Greater Weight of Glory was picked up on Sunday at the church we were visiting in Massachusetts.  They announced that the author would be speaking on Thursday and copies of her book were still available to purchase and read before that.  I went to the beach and read Sunday and read Monday to finish and went Thursday to hear Robin Farnsworth tell her story.  I recommend this as one of my best summer reads...with tissues...I read Britt-Marie was Here, The Little French Bistro, and Hello Universe... plus I caught up with a pile of magazines- ones I had been getting in the mail and a few I picked up before we know, so I didn't run out!
    Now I've finished Time Enough For Drums that my friend Jocie gave me to read.  It was one of her school favorites.  Finished also , The Best Yes.  Just starting In His Place and There Is More.  I was never one to read 2 books at once, but have decided, after all these years, that I can do a fiction and a non-fiction and not mix myself up.

And now the knitting... I did take a bag along.  I worked a bit on a dishcloth, and a shawl...but it was slow and I decided to read more.   But since I only have 3-4 tubs of yarn, I decided a visit to the Yarn Shoppe in sandwich was necessary and I saw a sweater and yarn that I thought should come home with me.  So... I got the light green and a pattern I'm still trying to figure out.  I just really want to knit something lovely.  My last decent attempted knitting project turned into my vest-from-hell that is now several balls of yarn in a basket.   I had some questions, so I went back to the shop the next day, and some more yarn called to me from the shelf.  Yes.  I purchased more.  The picture looks blue, but it is so much more.  I don't know what it will make yet, but it will make me happy.

What are YOU reading and knitting?  Share in your comments.  I can't wait to hear about it.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sept thursday

Another long stretch since my last post.  Yes.  No excuse.  Just life lately.  Been doing a bunch of camping in the past few weeks to squeeze in as much as possible before campgrounds close for the year.

This is my apple harvest for the year.  Last year we planted 3 trees.  Unfortunately our deer population is pretty healthy, and I think that's what ate quite a few leaves and branches this past winter/spring.  Soooo.... I picked my apples today.  I have yet to cut them open.  One has a little hole in it, but I'm just tickled to have something, and I'll cut around it.  I can't remember what kind they are.  And I think I might need to trim some of the damage out of the other 2 trees.  Guess I'll have to google it.
 And this is what I was doing last weekend, too.  My granddaughter celebrated her 1st birthday.  She wasn't so sure about the cake and all the people.  But we are working on both of those things.  Hoping to have a little spoilage time this weekend.  Isn't that what it's all about??
 I'm working on reading.  Alot of reading. This is my current read.  I also finished up a good one on my Kindle yesterday.  Max Lucado - Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe...check that one out too.

I know it's not much, but right now it's all that I've got... see you soon...

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Yarn Along..

Hello!  I have been so lax on yarn alonging.  Even reading them.  And they are only monthly.  Perhaps that's my problem.  The month gets away from me and I realize I haven't gotten through the links.  I used to keep track on this weekly post, and on some reading challenge blogs and comments, of all kinds of books that sounded like I would like to read them.  So here I try again... more reading... a bit of knitting... actually more sewing right now, but still keeping those plates spinning..

From Ginny at Small Things..."~Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me each month and share what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Post your photo(s) on your blog or on Instagram (#yarnalong) and then share a link below to either your blog or Instagram post!~

Here I am.  In my reading chair.  Reading a ton..  It's pretty hot out and unfortunately, I'm not real productive outside in this heat.  This was on my kindle and I finished this..and it's a series,
The Brickmaker's Bride, Refined by Love Series #1   -     By: Judith Miller

#2: The Potter's Lady  -     By: Judith Miller
so I've already started on this one

And I read one of the best books and then another non-fiction that I've read in a looong time.  Actually, I think I'm on a roll.  I read this for a book group.
 Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Adventure  -     By: Christine Caine

 Haven't been in one of those in years, and I think it could be pretty fun.  But I've been once, and will be gone for the second book.  This was a group of ladies and I'd only met one.  But by the end of the coffee time (yeah, I had iced tea cuz I don't do coffee) I knew them each a little more.  And they brought up this Rachel Hollis book, that I picked up, read, and LOVED!  I've passed mine to a friend, bought another and passed that one, too.  I think I might just turn around and read it over again.  GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE...  get it.. read it... live it...

 The second in this picture is the book they are reading for mid-July when I'm going to be gone, but I want to read it.  And I started it and it's also GOOD!  I usually tend to get distracted easily when I'm reading non-fiction.  And I don't do well reading 2 books at once, but a fiction and a non-fiction together are working for me this summer and perhaps it's just the books I'm reading, but feeling good about it.  And feeling a little guilty about not knitting.  So I dragged out several project bags... and found things I had forgotten about.  I think there are 2 in my camper, waiting for a peaceful camping trip.  None so far this year.  And then among the others I found these.  Do you find things you have forgotten and then really don't have a good idea of where you are and where to start?  It's wing it or frog it time...
There's a Christmas stocking for when I found out Elliana was a girl.  A nice cotton dishcloth.  A brown scarf from an alapaca I met personally several years ago and a scarf of sock yarn.  There is enough yarn in my crafty room to be snowed in for awhile and not run out.  If all else fails, there's that dark green vest yarn...

So now head on over to Yarn Along and see what the others are doing and reading...

And I've got to figure out how to post and move stuff around again...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Days go By....

...And here it is past the middle of June already... heading to the longest day and I haven't written in forever.  I enjoy posting here, and if I had a following, they'd have given up on me long ago.  But I feel the need to write from time to time.  Just to let you know what's happening.

Last December, after Bert got home from college, the kids set up a photo shoot with one of their friends who does great photography.  Unfortunately, my daughter-in-law had a death in the family, and they took off for Long Island to attend to things there.  The session was rescheduled for a bit closer to Christmas, but if you remember seeing Erie PA on the national news at that time, there was a record-breaking dump of snow on this area and the temps were WAY TOO LOW to have our new baby out in... plus, we'd be so bundled up, who would tell who was who??  So we postponed again.  Last Sunday, Hannah met us and the families were photographed.  We are a little different here, as the original marriage yielded 3 children.  Divorce and remarriage added 2 more spouses to the mix, and each couple added another son.   So it was pose the kids, swap the parents, slide one kid out and one kid in, add some kids' spouses, move that baby around a little.  It seemed kind of strange, but it really worked out quite smoothly.  It's been a lot of years since it was just one family, and you just have to learn to go with the flow.  So this is the picture that would have been our Christmas Card group... maybe it's not too late to send it out😊  4 kids.  1 wife.  1 husband.  1 fiance.  1 grandchild.  No dogs were invited to this party.  That would have been 6 smiles too many.  This time.

And just for kicks, this is the Grand Finale photo!

good night..

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It is late. I'm.on a train. Traveling back home from.NewYorkCiy. it's not my first time on a train and it probably won't be my last. I rather enjoy train rides and letting someone else drive and navigate. I'm not experienced enough yet to  think I'd do it on my own. But I get braver every day. I was going to write a nice long post, but instead I walked up to the cafe car and had half a brownie and a Sierra mist and some conversation with a conductor .nice guy .got off in Buffalo. We get off in Erie. Not too much further. Then a quick sleep cuz tomorrow is a catch up day for us.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Now on the Nightstand....

I was crazy busy, but I tried to read a little along the way.  And I did manage to get a few book read already this year.  Now I'm going to be able to bust loose a bit.  I've been putting some borders on some quilt parts I had started.  I've pieced a couple of backs for those quilts.  And I've layered a couple up and pinned them and now I just need to go wind up some bobbins and get my JUKI in gear.
But until then, here's what's on my nightstand:

Before We Were Yours: A NovelStarting with Before We Were Yours...I got it from the library on my KINDLE.  Not into it far enough.  I was on a wait list.  And because it's a HOT book, the borrow is only 14 days.  I'm afraid I will not finish and then have to go on the wait list again.  But I have another book on there....and another notice that a wait has arrived...
The Masterpiece
.and that new Francine Rivers hardcover on the nightstand, too.  Just what are YOU reading these days?
And then there is a bit of de-cluttering... and some binge movie watching...actually, I'm watching HEARTLAND.  And it's just right.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Reading - the update

It's the last day of March.  I've been off my game.  I've been working the crazy schedule of this season that we try to anticipate and prepare for..but never do.  What starts out as managable, ends up more than out of control and we ride it to the deadline and we are not sure how we do it.  Sleep is at a premium.  Eating take out while working, swiftly loses its appeal and we struggle to the end, knowing we will having to recover a little more.  The house is only as dirty as the dog hair and shoe dirt that falls, as we go from door, to bathroom, to bed.  Sometimes more of a stumble than a stroll.  The hours and the days blur together and I am saddened that all the people that I so enjoy chatting with each year, catching up with their lives and their families, start melting together a bit in these last 2 or 3 weeks. 

Tonight we are taking a little break.  We have no place to go and no one to see.  The office is filled with work that needs doing, but tonight, we need a rest...mind, body and soul.  So, I'll pop on the sad update on my March reading.
 Stay the Path: Navigating the Challenges and Wonder of Life, Love, and Leadership
 Didn't finish it.  I'm not that good with non-fiction.  And this was a good book, but just didn't have me on the hook as a can't-put-it-down read.  I've added to my fiction list and that's not bad for the month of March.
So I'm making my plans for my week of rest in April.  Not getting up is on for most days. A bit of sewing and sawing.  Some reading.  Just what have I NOT been doing for the past 3-4 months?  I think that I miss that part in my winter.  Things like chillin by the fireplace...binge watching Netflix... knitting... jigsaw puzzling...lounging around...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Book Reading...

As I continue with my reading challenge, I went over time for January, reading The Hobbit.  The February challenge that I have yet to do, was to read a book I wish I'd read in school.  So I thought it should be some classic book that we didn't have assigned.  But now, I've decided on WONDER.  It is a movie, that I haven't seen.  But it's a taste of life from someone else's shoes.  So, I'm just starting this one.  But I'll read fast, because next month is a new challenge, and I also have the whole 26 books this year goal, along with this.  So, I'm sticking to it as much as possible and hoping to finish strong.


I did manage to finish my Carl Lentz book, along with The Library at the Edge Of The World.  I bought it and started it before I read the reviews.  It was better for me, than for some of those reviewers.  I'd pass it along.  Some books I dump in a book drop or sale here and there.  Nope, I actually enjoyed this story.
What are YOU reading?

I don't really mind my job.  I actually like it a lot.  There are those times, tho, when the piles are overwhelming and the deadlines put pressure and you feel the squeeze.  There are those instances, like today at the PO in Erie when the friendly guy waiting on me with a pile of mail, says, "So, are you all done with the taxes for the year?"  I laughed and said, "Not even for the day."  Yeah... He has no idea.  But the people I have met, over the years, that I get a chance to catch up with, and hear about their kids and grandkids and pets...those people who are like the distant relatives that you see at reunions, but enjoy chatting with ...they are a big part of what I do.  But at times like this, when other people curl up by the fire and read and have jigsaw puzzles going and knit and sew, I miss those times.  The snow days where you are just lazy all day in your pjs.  And each January, when the avalanche of papers hits, it's a bit of a shock.  You know it is coming, but to suddenly go from waking up to crawling back into bed, spending all that waking time in an office, at a desk or on the phone or figuring out 'math puzzles' can get to you.  Your brain works in your sleep... you can't remember if you ate, when you ate, what you ate...and you just try not to be grouchy...but if you work with other people, in the same boat, they sort of 'get you' and you just laugh about dumb stuff and keep peddling.   And when it's over, you go into almost another withdrawl , not knowing where to go or what to do first.  Because so much of your life has been on hold...So, my hubby goes away to golf for a week.  No decision making.  No stress.  What to eat is the biggest question.  And I stay home and just chill.  And try not to answer the phone...

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Yarn Along - It's Back!

I used to be part of a group that posted once a week, a post titled YARN ALONG.
The point was to post a picture of something you were reading, along with what you are knitting - or crocheting.  Then you share a little about what you are doing with others, and you link it to Ginny's mama post, so you can all get inspired and motivated by what you see and what you read.  Well, it had been going for quite a while and Ginny decided last year that she needed a break.  So it stopped.  But after a year off, she has come back, but on a monthly posting.  You are invited to join in any day of the month, up to the time that the next month's posting starts.  So.... I'm not one of those every week posters, but very often I was an every week reader of at least some.  I've read a lot of good books on the recommendations of YARN ALONG virtual friends.  So here is my January 2018 post...

Right now, I've accepted a reading challenge from my daughter.  We are both pretty busy in life, but who isn't, right?  So my beat-up red kindle holds "The Hobbit" - January's challenge is to read a book you read in high school.  I'm not young, and I read a lot, so nailing down a book from highschool was not as easy for me.  She is reading Where The Red Fern Grows.  I read that as an aide to the reading teacher.  Didn't think that one would count for me.  I'm also reading this GREAT BOOK by Carl Lentz, OWN THE MOMENT.  We heard him speak this fall at the Hillsong Conference.  The whole conference was a great experience, but he was one of our favorite speakers.  Scott read this first and I made him promise not to share it because I wanted to read it next.  And he would read a chapter or 2 a day at breakfast and he enjoyed the whole book and often shared a passage.  And I have a sharing copy ordered, on it's way to my house, along with a Dave Ramsey book that I ordered before I located this Howard Dayton book on my bookshelf.  Are you ever too old to re-examine your finances and spending habits??
My knitting is slow and sad, but this was a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter.  Not to worry.  I know my limitations and what needed doing.  I have added family members, but their stockings were just gift bags.  This year was different and I got some fleece and sewed a nice stocking for my son-in-law, daughter-in-law, future daughter-in-law, and new granddaughter.  They are cute and they work and I can take my time to knit Elliana's stocking and maybe it will be done for next Christmas.
So why not hop over to the YARN ALONG, and so what other folks are doing with yarn and books.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Another day... a bit more snow...

 Yesterday. I talked about my front window.  Today, I'll chat about my back window.  The way my kitchen is set up, I have a great view out the back, through sliding doors, onto my deck.  Days like today, it's one of the ways that I check the weather.  If it's REALLLLY bad out, I can't see those trees at the back of my lawn.  Further away, is a street, Shadyside, and a row of houses, and then the lake.  Past that is Findley Lake, beyond, I can see houses, and also street lights.  There are trees behind those houses, and they go up and out of sight.  On clear days, I can see all the way to that end.  The trees and sky meet and it is a clear shot.  On days like today, I can't make out the lake.  There have been periods when I can see the lights on the other side, like this morning, when it was just getting light.  But pretty much since sunrise time, my view is pretty limited.  And it just keeps snowing.  I'm OK with this snow.  I've got nothing pressing.  I have sewing to do.  I have a fire in the fireplace.  I have movies and cable and Netflix.  I have soup in my crockpot.  I even have a generator.  That might seem extreme to some of you, but as a house on a road bordered by lots of old trees, losing electricity was a frequent occurrence.  If you have tried getting ready for work, lost the use of your water pump and furnace for long periods of time, and had to do stuff in the dark as many times as we have, the generator def makes sense.  It doesn't power the whole house, but enough to make it livable and we don't lose the contents of refrigerator or freezers.  So I'm camping out in my little nest.  Content and warm.  And maybe a bit crafty.... or just chillin.  What do YOU like to do on a snowday?  Or not do?

 Here's to enjoying a break in craziness...

Friday, December 29, 2017

More Snow - We GOT that !!

This was my view, this morning, out my front window.  I like having a window over my sink.  I know it is not a requirement in all homes, but it definitely a bonus in my book.  If you are going to do dishes, and kitchen sink work, it just makes it more pleasant when you can watch the world at the same time.  We have received a huge dump of snow.  If you watch the news, you know that Erie PA was a state of emergency, with the National Guard called in.  We are 1/2 hour from Erie, but lovingly known as THE SNOW BELT.  We usually get more snow than the City of Erie, and this time, I'd say it was close.  The biggest problem with them is, they don't have anywhere to go with the snow.  We are used to it.  We blow the driveway 2-3 times a day and don't drive around if we don't need to, and when we do, we kick our trucks into 4W low and take it easy.   But, I stray from my original start...
So, when the snow is up to your mid to upper body parts, the kitchen window is a great place to look at it from.  And I feed birds.  I know that my bird friends like the black sunflower seeds.  I don't get the feeders filled until the snow comes.  My mom feeds all year.  I'm not reliable enough the rest of the time.  Not enough time spent at the sink.  But, at this time of the year, there is something relaxing and comfortable to be had by spending time at the sink.  Maybe some good music in the background.. or maybe blaring loudly... smells around you - candle or cooking.  I've walked across today to the office.  Casual Friday here.  Slippers, yoga pants, and a comfortable sweatshirt from Newfound Lake, NH.  Newfound Lake- It was a nice place to visit and I visit it in my mind each time I put on that sweatshirt.  My yoga pants have never done a yoga move in their life.  But if I SHOULD think about yoga, I'm set... just casual attire.  The snow is starting up again.  The day is slowly fading, from light gray to dark gray to nighttime.  I have a date tonight with a fireplace.  Perhaps a little with a sewing machine or cutting some fabric.  Stuff I want to do.  To make the winter a little more comfortable for someone else.  Stitching up some love.  So I guess it's time to head that way... another winter day in the books...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Looking Ahead.. New Beginnings

 It's that time of year, when people are scrambling to shop and wrap and party.  But next week, they will be giving the new year a long hard look.  It's the time when you admit you have a flaw or 12, and you promise yourself to do better.  
What do you think the stats on New Year's resolution failure is?  Pretty high... across the board, and especially in THIS house!  But some years ago, I ran across a list of goals for the year.  Less pressure than a BIG resolution or 2.  And it was suggested that you write them down and tuck them somewhere that you will frequently run across them and remind you to stay the course, or get back on... make the difference...start the habit...embrace the opportunity.
  So, I think it's been a few years since I've done it's time for another shot at it.  I'll be mulling this over for the next week or so...and maybe you will too.  
  What kinds of things will YOU write on your list this year??

Goals for 2018
List three things you’d like to experience this year:
List three books you want to read this year:
List three things about yourself you want to improve:
List three places you’d like to go / see this year:
List three people you will pray for this year:
I. Spiritual goals

II. Family goals

III. Physical/Recreational Goals

IV. Career goals

V. Household goals

VI. Financial goals