Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Book Reading...

As I continue with my reading challenge, I went over time for January, reading The Hobbit.  The February challenge that I have yet to do, was to read a book I wish I'd read in school.  So I thought it should be some classic book that we didn't have assigned.  But now, I've decided on WONDER.  It is a movie, that I haven't seen.  But it's a taste of life from someone else's shoes.  So, I'm just starting this one.  But I'll read fast, because next month is a new challenge, and I also have the whole 26 books this year goal, along with this.  So, I'm sticking to it as much as possible and hoping to finish strong.


I did manage to finish my Carl Lentz book, along with The Library at the Edge Of The World.  I bought it and started it before I read the reviews.  It was better for me, than for some of those reviewers.  I'd pass it along.  Some books I dump in a book drop or sale here and there.  Nope, I actually enjoyed this story.
What are YOU reading?

I don't really mind my job.  I actually like it a lot.  There are those times, tho, when the piles are overwhelming and the deadlines put pressure and you feel the squeeze.  There are those instances, like today at the PO in Erie when the friendly guy waiting on me with a pile of mail, says, "So, are you all done with the taxes for the year?"  I laughed and said, "Not even for the day."  Yeah... He has no idea.  But the people I have met, over the years, that I get a chance to catch up with, and hear about their kids and grandkids and pets...those people who are like the distant relatives that you see at reunions, but enjoy chatting with ...they are a big part of what I do.  But at times like this, when other people curl up by the fire and read and have jigsaw puzzles going and knit and sew, I miss those times.  The snow days where you are just lazy all day in your pjs.  And each January, when the avalanche of papers hits, it's a bit of a shock.  You know it is coming, but to suddenly go from waking up to crawling back into bed, spending all that waking time in an office, at a desk or on the phone or figuring out 'math puzzles' can get to you.  Your brain works in your sleep... you can't remember if you ate, when you ate, what you ate...and you just try not to be grouchy...but if you work with other people, in the same boat, they sort of 'get you' and you just laugh about dumb stuff and keep peddling.   And when it's over, you go into almost another withdrawl , not knowing where to go or what to do first.  Because so much of your life has been on hold...So, my hubby goes away to golf for a week.  No decision making.  No stress.  What to eat is the biggest question.  And I stay home and just chill.  And try not to answer the phone...

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