Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Yarn Along - It's Back!

I used to be part of a group that posted once a week, a post titled YARN ALONG.
The point was to post a picture of something you were reading, along with what you are knitting - or crocheting.  Then you share a little about what you are doing with others, and you link it to Ginny's mama post, so you can all get inspired and motivated by what you see and what you read.  Well, it had been going for quite a while and Ginny decided last year that she needed a break.  So it stopped.  But after a year off, she has come back, but on a monthly posting.  You are invited to join in any day of the month, up to the time that the next month's posting starts.  So.... I'm not one of those every week posters, but very often I was an every week reader of at least some.  I've read a lot of good books on the recommendations of YARN ALONG virtual friends.  So here is my January 2018 post...

Right now, I've accepted a reading challenge from my daughter.  We are both pretty busy in life, but who isn't, right?  So my beat-up red kindle holds "The Hobbit" - January's challenge is to read a book you read in high school.  I'm not young, and I read a lot, so nailing down a book from highschool was not as easy for me.  She is reading Where The Red Fern Grows.  I read that as an aide to the reading teacher.  Didn't think that one would count for me.  I'm also reading this GREAT BOOK by Carl Lentz, OWN THE MOMENT.  We heard him speak this fall at the Hillsong Conference.  The whole conference was a great experience, but he was one of our favorite speakers.  Scott read this first and I made him promise not to share it because I wanted to read it next.  And he would read a chapter or 2 a day at breakfast and he enjoyed the whole book and often shared a passage.  And I have a sharing copy ordered, on it's way to my house, along with a Dave Ramsey book that I ordered before I located this Howard Dayton book on my bookshelf.  Are you ever too old to re-examine your finances and spending habits??
My knitting is slow and sad, but this was a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter.  Not to worry.  I know my limitations and what needed doing.  I have added family members, but their stockings were just gift bags.  This year was different and I got some fleece and sewed a nice stocking for my son-in-law, daughter-in-law, future daughter-in-law, and new granddaughter.  They are cute and they work and I can take my time to knit Elliana's stocking and maybe it will be done for next Christmas.
So why not hop over to the YARN ALONG, and so what other folks are doing with yarn and books.

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Leslie said...

My mother has cross-stitched Christmas stocking for all her grandchildren and their spouses. I'm glad I haven't been bitten by that bug. Good Luck with finishing yours by Christmas!