Monday, November 21, 2016

New Tower

After MANY months of fighting with my desktop computer, we finally just bit the bullet and ordered a new tower.  It sat in the box all weekend.  Then tonight, when I finished with a couple of today's jobs that were hanging on, I finished some filing, finished some culling of year 8 in the files - I keep 7 years of your tax returns, anything older than that, you keep yourself.  There was the Excel file that got cleaned out, not once, but TWICE, and I had to go back to February to re-enter them.  I was finishing some of this up and feeling tired, but good.  I have the mysterious quilt pieces ready for inspection for the recipient, and not quite ambitious to start the next one...maybe tomorrow night.  So I decided to take the tape off the box and set the computer tower on my desk.  I attempted to re-start the old tower one more time, to no success, then I moved it to the floor and brought out the new one...
It was half the size of the old one-runs so quiet, I thought it had shut itself off.  I now know that my email contacts are all lost-again.  If I can get the few documents and the 15,000 pictures transferred to a temporary place to sort through them.
So, for an hour or 2 of puttering, I'm up and running...well, I still have to figure out where the email is...not obvious.  But I'm smiling.  Ready for jammies.  Reading in bed sounds like a good place to be right now. 
Hope your day was pretty good and that you're tomorrow is even better.  Yesterday, I got the second shower and the end of the hot water.  Today, my repair man didn't get here, so showers were "invigorating".  He promised to be here by 8am tomorrow.  I have to be somewhere at 9, but I'm coming right home, after the freezing shower earlier, to the hot shower, where I will use every drop of hot water.  Better this weekend then Wednesday or Thursday.

Oh, so I went to my special doctor last week for a checkup and she told me my Vitamin D # was low.  Oh, I said, because I don't drink enough milk- NO, she said you need more sunshine. the information I've been directed to, says I'm supposed to be avoiding sunshine.  NOPE, now I've just been depriving myself of sun for NO REASON!  And now I'm headed into winter and gray.  So I got as much sun as possible last week hanging up the lights...I hear my jammies calling...

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Susan Anderson said...

Computer problems are so daunting at times. Sounds like you came out okay, though!