Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baby, It's finally COLD outside

This is my view from the kitchen window.  The birds are hungry and digging through a deep dump of snow to get to the seed in this feeder.  They totally cleaned out a tube or two.  I've had them out only since the weekend.  But, I've had junkos, nuthatches, bluejays, cardinals (male and female), chickadee-dee-dees, tufted titmouse...they are cold and hungry and I'm the best stop right now.  I enjoy watching them through the window.  Makes washing up some dishes almost a pleasant job.

We had that good weather awhile back, and got lights up.  We are blue and white out front.  This is a little of what it looks like at night.  I like the blue and white... I got a blue LED bulb for my front light, too.

And then we got some blue rope lights and lined the path.  It's the new sidewalk we put in last spring and it is curvey, so we thought we should offer some guidance on where it is, and where it isn't!  Even with snow, the glow will guide you.  It's rather a cool look, don't you think?

I apologize for the lack of posts and chat lately, but right now, I'm getting ready to go to Buffalo Airport to pick up #4, coming home on break from Florida.  He might have a chilly re-entry.  He'll be skiing by the weekend.  Almost 4 weeks of cold and then he can go back to his shorts-weather. 

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karen said...

so glad you are having a house full! We had cold then warm and now back to cold. Crazy weather!!! Have a very merry Christmas!