Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Church Photographer

I've taken on a new purpose over the past several months.  In an attempt to spur some curiousity, I've been taking a camera to church, snapping pictures before, during, and after the service, and then posting them on facebook, tagging anyone I can. 
It is an attempt to bring our church service, and our church family, outside our walls.  I want you to see that God's Not Dead,  that there is a family connection in a church, that believing can be hard, but the "team" works together, that, like anything, you cannot control the words and actions of all the member at all times.  We are not perfect, none of us.  As Christians, we should be even MORE aware of the fact that we all sin, no matter how we try.  Trying, forgiving, reaching out, loving each other...those are all things that make a difference.
I find the world a hard place to be some days - where are the manners I was raised to use?  Is it the times, or am I just old enough to see things I have been blind to in my younger years?  Why is it so difficult to be nice to someone? Since when was it All About ME?  anyway...

So, I've taken to the camera.  To show my appreciation for the family that I have a get together with every week.  Those folks that, I know at least a few, have my back.  Those people, during the welcoming/greeting time in the service, don't look for a handshake, but an honest to goodness hug.  It's fun to have far-away friends and relatives comment when they see old friends posted one week or another.  Some are former members who have moved away.  A few weeks ago, we had a former pastor and his wife visiting.  I couldn't find his name initially on FB, but managed to find it.  It was the weekend that we did our parking lot party.  Where we invited the neighborhood.  Some of which, were in the neighborhood in the 70's, when this couple lived in the parsonage.  It was fun to watch these folks re-connecting with neighbors.  Isn't life funny, when we make the effort, when we leave our comfort zone, just a little, when we call or drop a note to let someone know we care...when we give a hug instead of a wave, and you can feel the power, in you, going into someone else, to fill a spot that needed it so.  Maybe you pass some lifesavers over the pew back, to the folks in front of you.  Maybe you visit, when you should really be leaving, because it means something to those around you, to know that you are listening.  Taking time for kindness and if

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