Friday, October 21, 2016

Autumn Is Fully On

This has been my view for the last little while.  Actually, it's the view I have ever single day, with seasonal adjustments.  There's a good sized corn field across the road from my house.  Behind that is a hay field and then the woods.  Further over is the pasture and the farm.  In the winter, it is a smooth stretch of snow.  If I was a snowshoer, or a cross country skier, this would be the perfect place to start... there are often deer in the field...Canadian geese like to stop in ...turkeys and fox have been seen running around this stretch.  It's country's my kind of living.

Springtime bring the plow and disc and the corn going in.  It tends to be one of the later fields to be planted.  And then you wait..little rows of green sprouts emerge from the furrows and the sun warms them as the stretch their leaves up and up.  It's a late field, but I've yet to not have it knee-high by the 4th of July.  There was a bit of time this summer, when it was so blasted hot, that I think I could hear the field gasping for a drink.  It was a slow grow time.  But then we turned the corner, and it grew and it grew and the hayfield was just a memory and things in the back were all hidden from view.  It's the time when you drive a little edgier, waiting for deer to jump into your car for a ride... I had one this year, but a different field.  But following a banner hay crop year, we had a wonderful corn harvest around here and the field is just corn stubble...and animals having an early evening snack...and my view goes all the way to the woods, and the pasture and the cows and the farm again.
Forecast for the weekend is cold and wet.  We've had a blessing of several warm and sunny days recently.  I guess it's a good time to practice cold and icky.  I'm wishing my calendar was totally clean this weekend, because staying in, wearing flannel, sewing and reading or knitting, eating comfort food, fire in the fireplace- those all sound pretty good to me right now.  But I've got stuff, so I'll take what I get, a day at a time - a blessing at a time and be grateful for each one...have a beautiful weekend.

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