Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just Do It

Nothing excites my bones more than driving 9 hours in my car/truck.  Seriously.  It is something I really creak about for a couple of days after.  I'm not as young and bouncy as I used to be.  But sometimes you need to JUST. DO. IT..
That's right.  Jump in.  Especially when it comes to people.  I'm a pretty cheap traveler.  The thought of plunking down lots of money for a hotel room, and moving that chunk of change from the shopping side of the wallet to the necessary side is not always a joy.  But the really fun part of this is stuff like what I did this week.  You just move in with the relatives.  Sometimes it's friends.  You really have to know them well enough to judge if this is going to stretch your friendship.  Most relatives just have to keep you.  And if you are comfortable, then go for it.  I have found that my sister has enough room for us to be together for a certain number of days, I think, before it starts shrinking.  Add another person or two, and the time is shortened.  I figured if I left on Tuesday, with my mom, and drove to VA, arriving before dinnertime, and then spent 2 whole days, ate breakfast Friday a.m., and headed back, we should be good.  And I think we were, for the most part.

I've been here several times now, but the first time down for my mom, to the mountains.  We had a good visit.  Ate out a bit.  Saved leftovers to eat another day.  Sat around visiting and chilling and it was good.  So maybe it's past time you went to visit someone.  Or invited someone to visit you.  A night or two on the sofa, or inflatable mattress is good for you!
Make a memory or 2.  If there are kids involved, all the better.  Spend a weekend with relatives and play cards and laugh and remember things from when you were young and explain the good old days to the kids.  Sometimes this is where confessions of mischief 30 years ago surface.  You'll be glad you went.  Next time we just might drag the other sister along.  And we might do Raleigh instead of Virginia...who knows... Sometimes you just have to GO.FOR.IT.
Have a great week!


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Be Still and KNOW... said...

SO very glad you did "Just Do It". Another day or two would have worked on my side too. Look forward to the next visit....and your little big girl is welcome to come too. Maybe one (or both) of mine will also join us!