Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today- chore day

I have errands to do...but I'm trying not to.  I need to get on a roll.  If I leave the house, I'll lose all the momentum I had going.  I did go for lunch...deliver a monthly packet of goodies to a client, and enjoy lunch at Pine Junction, then back to the list.  Day is winding down and now I look at my list and smile.  I made it to Yaples with my sewing machine for a lube and oil change.  With 1.5 minutes to spare.  I knew if I didn't hurry up and get it there, I'd be scrambling to have it for Scrap and Sew in October.  I also found out once that lots of occasion sewers get their machines out for Halloween costumes and have problems, so that is a busy time to drop you machine.  She said 2 weeks, but I'm thinking it'll be quicker.  I have the space of time now to do stuff.  I have to MAKE the time, and now's as good as any.
On my errand list was a stop at Lowe's.  I was talking with my mom the other day about trashing the shop vac and still not having one.  She loves her shop vac and said if her's quit today, she'd go and buy one today.  Well, I like a shop vac, but I'm not quite that intense, but looking around at several things, I decided that using my house canister sweeper for them was NOT the best plan of attack, so I put a shop vac and an extra filter in my cart.  I spent a lot of time poking around the trees and shrubs looking for a couple of Blue Spruce trees.  I located some babies, but I've found that if you plant something too small, you can run over it with the mower and not even feel the bump.  Passed them up and keep looking.  Got a gallon of that purple ceiling paint.  I like purple when it's wet, then white when it's dry.  Better when you are high up on a ladder.  I don't enjoy high up as much as did 10-20 years ago.   Got a half dozen wall paint strips and a sample of laminate flooring.  I'm ready to kick this project into gear.
Grabbed a Mum when I picked up the 2 gallons of milk at my next stop.  Looking for end of season deals where ever I went.  Pretty much gone, I think.
At home I looked at the list that I had been crossing stuff off today.  The big kitchen window got washed, as it wasn't as hot as it's been the past week or so.  And now it sparkles.  The refrig is also sparkling.  I'm always amazed by the stuff that comes out of there when I think it's under control.  Who opens 3 separate blocks of cream cheese to use a couple of tablespoons out of each.  Blue and fuzzy...totally gross.  Blue sour cream.  Who put this stuff in my frig when I wasn't looking???
I have an evergreen garland around my front door all the time and switch out the lights.  They were blue, so I pulled it all down and unwound the blues and bagged them.  Then hosed off the cobwebs and bird nest grass and wrapped it around with orange lights.  Hung back up and I'm ready for fall.  Pulled the summer flowers out of my grapevine wreath and put the fall silks in their place.  Tonight I dropped a new fall welcome mat in front of the door and added the mum beside.
I'm tired, but feeling like I got a bunch done today.  I still have quite a few things on my list, but there's always tomorrow.
I was watching Caddyshack, but guess I've had enough entertainment tonight.
Are you a list-maker, crosser-outer??  Or do you get a lot done by just going with the flow??

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