Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kyle's Quilt

here is my scout quilt.  My nephew graduated this June from high school.  He achieved the honor of Eagle Scout and we used that theme to celebrate in his quilt.  Thrown here on the rack, you don't get the full view of all of these patches, but there are a mess of them.  His dad, a scout leader, helped a lot to be fully involved in all the various events around their council.  The large piece is in row three of the quilt.  It is a background of eagles, with his name appliqued on it.  It also has the arrow from his order of the arrow sash.  I'm not a scouty person.  I was a brownie for a few years and I was a leader for several with different aged girls over the years.  We just never had a very active scout group and my boys were not really involved past cub scouts.  But, I learned some things while trying to figure out how to put this thing together.  My offer to my needle-challenged sister was if there were some ideas for his quilt, to let me know.  She brought me the display board and said do whatever you want with it....so I pondered, and started, then set it aside when I realized the other grad party was before this one...then I started and it all went pretty well.
Since this family is scouty, many of their friends and party guests are also scouty.  There was a lot of looking and conversation around this quilt.  And I was happy for that.  Not for me.  But for the boy who spent so much of his growing-up time doing scout things.  Here's hoping it holds up to the years of wear and tear that a grad quilt can be subject to.  And much congratulations on a job well done, and a new phase of life just begun.


Susan Anderson said...

Your quilts are such a treasure, and I am sure those who receive them as presents appreciate all the love that goes into them.


steph said...

how lovely....personalized memories galore!!!! Great job, Auntie!!! :)

Be Still and KNOW... said...
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Be Still and KNOW... said...

This is truly a masterpiece