Monday, August 10, 2015

Losing...and winning...

Friends come and go... Life gets busy.  We have kids at different ages and in different activities.  Some move away and some drift away.  But this friend has been around a long, long time.  He was a year younger than me, but I remember him from Sunday school class.  And since I'm very small town, I've really known him forever. Last week, my friend Eric, was supposed to come home from a Pittsburgh hospital, where there was no more they could do for him.  Instead he went home to God and his new, expanded, heavenly family.

There were so many memories with this man.  For a while, we were related.  We went to the same church and we were involved in Youth Fellowship there with the teens.  He and his wife, much longer than us, for 19 years, I believe.  That's a lot of young lives to touch.  Eric was a piano player.  Not always the easiest to sing with, as he sometimes would get a wild hair and take off on his own, leaving us looking puzzled at our music.
He was special, but aren't we all?  To someone?  So we are sad at what we are losing, but if we follow our faith, and put it in God, are we really winning?  Hard to see that through the tears sometimes, but it is.
We have all worn green wrist bands stamped NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!  So true... 
Happy Birthday in Heaven, dear friend.  Eat Aunt Luella's cake tops, sing with so many of your family and friends and smile, once again.


Susan Anderson said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like a great guy, and I'm sure he will be missed.

I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of notes and emails about friends that have died recently. I think I am getting to that age where this is not going to be so uncommon. It seems strange and rather sad.


Byrdbyron said...

Seeing your post, Karen, I wanted to share that my Uncle Tom is the Judge in Cherry Creek and had attended training over the years with Eric. So he and my Aunt went to Eric's Celebration of Life. Knowing I had grown up with Eric, she was kind enough to mail me the Order of Service and picture. It meant a lot to me, since I couldn't be there. She said what a testament to Eric's life and character it was. She had never seen so many to turn out and honor someone. A true testament to the kind man and friend Eric had become. I know he was met in heaven with "Well done my good and faithful servant"