Tuesday, June 2, 2015

La la lala la laaaa, la lala la laaaaaaa

working, sewing, knitting, reading, traveling, camping, sorting, pitching, piling, gardening, pinteresting....is that a word?  It should be, because it is a time-consuming activity.  But, it's all good.

Don't tell Scott that I'm in his office with the heater on because I'm cold.  I've spent the morning downstairs trying to adjust a pieced border on a quilt that I enlarged, but the border isn't a straight-up add.  So I've had to figure and measure and guess and golly and it's finally together.  Then I cut the backing and sewed the two pieces directly together, then wished that I had put a piece in between to break it up a bit.  I needed it to get the width, but not the height.  I had pieced the width with the second seam sewed, but it made me like the pieced piece even more.  Still considering cutting the middle seam back out and piecing some pieces down through there.  I used to never want pieced backs.  I'd buy extra wide backing fabric, so that I wouldn't have an 'unsightly seam' through the middle of my quilt, but once I started piecing the back, I kind of like that hidden surprise that you can have on the backside.  My last one had two piggy fabrics pieced on the back and I liked it almost as much as the front.  It was a gift.  Are you ever surprised when a recipient gives you a bit of color/favorites as guidance and you stack the pile up and think, well, it's not my quilt.  I guess I can get through it.  And then when you are done, you are actually hating to see it go??  This was not necessarily one of those, but I was still a bit surprise at how good it looks, when all those pieces go together.  It's rather an AH HAH  moment.  Hey!  This thing is turning out pretty good!  I wouldn't mind crawling under it myself!!  Even today - in June - maybe I need to run around out in the sun for a few minutes. 
So here I sit in my office, running the copier and attempting to get some of the work done that is waiting for me.  In my favorite yoga pants.  You know - the ones that are reallllly long enough.  If you are tall, you know what I mean.  But I can't lie about what I've been doing, because these babies are like a lint brush.  I'm covered in little quilt strings.  No matter how many I've picked off, ten more jump on my legs.  Oh, well.  I'm in here now.  Copying.  Looking at the bank of file cabinets that I started working on last week.  We needed to add drawers.  A good problem, I guess when you get busier than your file drawers will hold.  But now it's a matter of figuring out how to stretch the crowded drawers into drawers that will have space and make sense.  You know.  Things like putting all the D's in the same drawer, even though it's not as roomy as if you'd put some with another letter.  But does it make space sense to have all the BE's in the same drawer, or split the BE's??  I know.  Seems pretty dumb, but when I'm trying to jam 3 more files into a drawer next year that is full, I'll wish, or be glad, that I had given each drawer some thought - and some space. 
Better get back to grinding. 
I promise I'll post pictures of my new space.  When it's a bit more presentable.  And maybe I find my camera charging cord.  DANG!  It's in there somewhere.  I think.  What do you do about all the charging cord stuff?  Tablets, phones, kids stuff, kids that take parts of your charger cord to parts unknown, never to be found when you're looking???


steph said...

i have a couple of those pants that won't let you hide what you're doing!!!! :) Tattle tale pants.

That afghan you commented on.....yes, all knit in one piece, although I did increase the size of it quite a bit. Exact # of stitches I cast on I noted on the Rav page (I've forgotten already, but a lot!!!) woolythyme1 on rav It's really a good mindless project....I think your mom needs to do this! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back blogging