Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I can't believe it's already Wednesday!!  I have a lot of work to do getting stuff finished so I can put it back together before next week.
I ripped my whole crafty space apart... I mean really trashed it.  I had such great ideas and they are slowly coming together.  Slowly being the key word.  The project is a total redo.  I am overrun with hand-me-down and leftover furniture pieces.  They have been in there for years, but to tell the truth, they are not really effective for what I need.  So much stuff is put away behind drawers and stuffed into project bags and tubs.  I've been on PINTEREST a lot and pinned a lot of great craft room ideas and now I'm trying to use as many as I can see makes sense for the space that I have a the stuff that I do.
BUT>>>  To get to the place of WONDERFUL !!  You first have to pretty much make a complete and total mess.  And I did....and it wasn't even that much fun.  I kept thinking "I've got to sort through all of this and put it back neatly."  And I even let a few people see the mess I'd made.  And I EVEN let my mom see it.  Clean is her hobby, so I think she probably went home and had hives...
But I'm having fun...slowly it is coming together.  My biggest problem right now is that I have 3 pieces that have sentimental value to me...and they won't all fit in the new, improved space.  So, I'm pondering as I go.
The walls needed painting, as long as it was going to be apart and probably not again for a while... oh, Lordy, not for a LOOONG while!  So I picked two colors and started painting.  One color is Periwinkle, which is the flower of friendship, if you are into Alex and Ani bracelets.  It's a very nice color.  I wasn't sure when I went looking for periwinkle, but I did OK.  The other is called Natural Sheepskin.  It's a creamy toward yellow color. Very nice and a bit brighter, which is a good thing for a basement work room.  I make the space up for myself, but also for others to join me.  I'm a bit sad when I think that my daughter is heading out to dental school and on her own this summer and I'm not going to find her digging around in there or crafting with her friends on the weekends. 
Today, I wowed her just a little when she said "Is there any chance you know where a glue gun is?"  I went into the mess, opened two drawers, and came up with glue gun and glue sticks.  Yeah, I know.  It was awesome!!  But now, back to the task.  I want to start settling some of the things and sorting.  I've painted some pegboard to match the walls and the plan is to hang the cutting tools on the wall by the table, which will be ON WHEELS!!  Does that rock, or what??  SO  I've been single-handedly (oh, I used one of my legs to hold it up) mounting a level board on the wall on the studs and then attaching the pieces of pegboard to it.  In several places.  Some of the pieces were smaller (24"x24") so it made it a bit trickier to find studs in the right places.  This called for a board a bit longer than the pegboard, instead of shorter, like on the 6 ft wall pieces.  It's getting late and I have still lots to do before bed.
Thanks for listening....

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