Thursday, April 16, 2015

starting over,

Do you have those times that you are just crazy busy and you just live on autopilot for a while?  Perhaps you have studied for exams,  completed projects, and worked at jobs that don't allow you to have time for much of anything else.  Well, that's what I've just ended and now I'm ready to start over, catch up, or get going. For years the end of tax season means I go back to more hours at my other part time job. But this year is different. I'm staying home and reclaiming my space and myself.
Today we slept in a little, then I started my kitchen tidy. We walked the dog and there was a bit of laundry and a little more tidy and an errand or three. It was a good day. There are many things on the to-do list and I'm anxious to get started. Ready to get back to posting and back to life. Maybe I'll even have people read my post and write comments.
Welcome back, life.

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