Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time Away

This week I did something different for me.  It's totally out of character.  I took off.  By myself.  And drove and drove and drove.  And this is where I ended up.

Fancy Gap, VA.  I pulled in the driveway just in time for the end of the sunset, which rocked because I sure didn't want to do that in the dark.  Way too curvy and I didn't know my way.  And phone service there can be spotty.
I'm not too bad at directions, but usually it works better in the daylight and with someone else to be lost with.  This was an under 8 hour trip that was over 9 and it was slushy and sloppy.  I stopped for a gallon of windshield spit along with my gas fillup.

But I had a date....with my sister....from Tuesday to Sunday...
 On Wednesday, in Raleigh, we did this...

Artistic Abandon...very fun.  I'm not artsy, just crafty, but she walked us through step by step. She was so kind, Emily Page.  Please go there and schedule a good time.
Then Thursday morning we went to White Dahlia and I let them put HOT STONES on my body.  And it was AWESOME!!
And Thursday, in Raleigh, we did this!  It was so much fun and it was a great production!  I'd see it again.

WICKED!!  What FUN!!
Then Friday we drove back to Virginia and today we just hung out.  Tomorrow it's church and then the drive home....and back to reality....lots of stuff waiting for me.....and gotta hit the floor running, but it was a great time with the older sister.  And she says I can come back again!!

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