Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday night light

Here we are.  Sitting in by the fire.  It is ROARING and I'm good with that.  It's icy outside and my half hour trip home today, took an hour and we went past at least 10 cars who had recently gone off the road.  The first one was at least 4 vehicles, with one of them laying on its side.  It became our warped game as we approached to guess which side of the highway the car came from, because they pretty much all took incredible rides before they stopped in a puff of snow.

So, Instead of heading out to hear one of my favorite preachers at CONDUIT, we unpacked the few purchases, and went inside and lit this candle and built a fire and put some sweats and slippers on and threw another log on the fire and covered up with a blanket...and here we stayed...nice and warm and cozy.... It's a good smelling candle, too.  50% off at Bed, Bath and Beyond on my trip.  Candles for winter...good stuff.

When I was gone, I finished this headband, but it was loose and the one I was copying had a fleece liner and it looked like it was so much warmer that way.  So I sewed a brown fleece headband for a liner that fit a bit tighter and took it and whip stitched it inside my new knitted headband and it is AWESOME!!  And it's cold enough to wear. every. single. day.  And it's alpaca and it's very soft and lovely and it will smash my hair, but it will look GOOD!
And I finally finished a book.  It was The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown.  And it was fun and I was slow, but I'm totally inspired to keep dreamin....
Tomorrow is church and youth bible study and then our other Sunday nite bible study...then we are into another busy work week.  Hope yours was good last week.  Praying for a good one next week, too.  My dad's chemo last week has been rescheduled to this week.

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