Monday, January 26, 2015

Clipboard Beauty....

This is the latest craft project coming from my messy room....

 Are these cute, or what??  I've seen pictures of them and thought, oh, maybe.  When I have some time.  Well, let me tell you, they don't really take a lot of time, but they take a lot of time.... It takes lots of layers of Modge Podge and you need to dry between layers.  So you don't sit for hours working on them, but you need a place to just let them sit for a a couple of days.
 Here's Andrea's.  She found this lovely paper and then I found a sheet of velum quotes.  The paper works a bit better than the velum...hmmm....not sure the spelling of that.  They do bubble up a bit when you are on your first layer.  If you've ever done some wallpapering, you'll see some similarities.  But most of the bubbles will dry back down to flat.  And if they don't, then you just slather on bunches of layers of Modge Podge.  It's one of those things that covers up a multitude of sins.  The velum bubbles more and didn't flatten out.  That one might take a little more experimenting to figure out.  So I just hit it hard with more layers....  It's all good.
 See...isn't my board lovely?  I used 12x12 paper cut - one piece for the front and one for the back.  Yeah, my words are still looking wrinkly, but they feel smoother now, with the layers of goo applied. I have smaller flowered print on the back.  Most of the ones we saw at first, only had the clip side decorated.  But I said THAT'S where the paper goes.  You hardly can see all the beauty there.  Let's decorate the BACK where it can show all the time.  Except when you lay it down....but you might just want to carry it around and flash that beautious back to everyone.
I can show you this one, that is for Chad, because, although I wouldn't really tell him about it until I handed to it him, it seems that Andrea is not so good at he already knows.  I don't know if she sent him a picture, but this is the clip side.  The back is smaller mickey mouse print.  Very cute handsome.
You can do a lot more embellishing of them and layering and strips of this and that, but for now, we just picked some great paper and started small.
I do want to tell you that I was reading a tutorial and gathering my 'tools' and was told to unscrew the clip.  That sounded great.  And it would have made things a bit easier all around, but none of our new 5 clipboards, nor the older two that we had here, had screws to unscrew.  They were all more of a rivet/grommet type of thing that appears to be pretty impossible to remove and put back together for the amateur.  So we left them together and all looks like it going to be OK.
A few more layers and we'll be writing on these babies.  Aren't you jealous that you don't have one?...yet!!


Susan Anderson said...

Love these. What a great idea!


karen said...

aren't you clever! I love how you personalized the boards and now I know how fast of a project it is!!