Monday, November 17, 2014


It is officially winter.  It is snowing now and getting colder.  My youngest passed his driving test and wants to drive, but I'm dragging my feet a bit.  The bus is OK on days like today and tomorrow.  Watching the news that says Buffalo will have 2 inches and just south of it in Hamburg they are expecting 26 inches.  Crazy.  I'm in the fewer inches area, southwest of this stuff.  And I'm good with that.  Dentist tomorrow for lunch.  Got some Christmas projects going.  Never one at a time.  Something like seven...all at once....all over the house...and Thanksgiving is here.  I like to have Thanksgiving here, but I have to keep reminding myself of it, because I bought a new jigsaw puzzle that I want to open up and start, but I can't until after eating Thanksgiving dinner.  Worth the wait.  Need to make a plan.  Gotta spread the invites around.  We have family.  We have friends.  We've invited strangers before.  I need to see the lady from Joann Fabrics to make sure she has the address.  Yes, we were at the cutting counter and said something about Thanksgiving dinner and she said she'd be over and we said SURE!  Come along!  The more the merrier.
I finished a book!  I have gone in fits and spurts.  It was Chickens In The Road and I really liked it.  I got the suggestion from I can't remember who, but waiting a bit and checked the Library and then found a copy and bought it and read it and enjoyed.
Today, because of the weather, I drove the new driver to basketball practice and then went to hang out with my parents.  They have just completed a bathroom addition and it is FINALLY completed and I love it and they do, too.  So I dragged her into service with making messes in crafting.  She will probably have to vacuum the evidence up now.  But we had a good time.
Thinking about bed now.  Had one of those trouble getting to sleep nights last night.  It catches up with me right away these days.  In my younger years, it took several of those nights to slow me down.  Now, not so much.
Are you into Christmas mode yet?  Haven't tagged the tree yet.  Might just have to cut it and bring it home the same day I pick it out.  Done it before and that's OK.
Good night

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