Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Big Project...

    Every summer should have a big project.  Something that says, yes!  I have accomplished a large feat.  And now, after summer, it's past time to talk about mine.  We have some storage in that there garage.  And we store lots of stuff in it.  But, perhaps like you, the storing is more of piling...and there is no order or rhyme or reason after a while.

 So last year, I decided I could build some more shelves in my garage.  I already have some on one side of the garage, but this would be on the office side.  And this would mean hauling stuff out of the garage, throwing stuff out, sweeping stuff up, organizing, checking out the several piles of Christmas lights and cords and stuff that just might not work.  And if they don't work, THROW THEM OUT!!.  How many of you think it's necessary to keep it just in case...or as a spare....or the lights in the string might be good for something someday.  I realized I was turning into one of those people that could be buried under their stuff on a tv show and be OK with it.   How bad is that.  It was time for action.   Back a couple of cars out. Drag out bunches of stuff...and attack the problem.  It took, of course, more time than I thought it would.  The shelves, though doubted by some, are full of stuff and still hooked to the wall and no visible sagging has occurred.  I didn't appreciate the opinion that they weren't heavy enough, made of the right material, or engineered correctly.  Yeah, so you say.  They are done, they are up, and they are working. How good is that??  It's wonderful!  If I did nothing else this summer, that job would carry me through.  Even if you didn't think it looked better, with stuff up off the floor, it SMELLS so much better.
    Then today, I gave myself time off from my office stuff.  Pretty much, every day that I don't have appointments, or job errands, or other jobs to go to, I have office stuff here waiting for me.  I know.  You thought I was a sit around and eat bonbons girl.  Well, I might look like it, but most days I am working in our office, even though the washer and dryer are running and the dishwasher is swishing, I'm on the computer, or piling and adding, or copying and stapling.  But, today I excused myself from that. I even found these pumpkins on the way home from my moms.

 It has been feeling like fall air here, so I decided this was a good day for soup....and for bread...and so I made honey-oat bread,

 and then because I like to share it with my mom and dad and it never lasts long, I made a second batch of the meantime, I was getting some frozen chicken to boiling and the ingredients around for one of our favorite soups- chicken wing.  Popped the stuff into the crockpot... And then for good measure I washed my quilt, my sheets and pulled off my summer blanket and got out my cold-weather blanket.  Actually, yesterday I came home from camping and puttered quite a bit and it felt good.  Putting stuff back to right.  Seems like too long since I've spent a day or three getting things in order just because.  Just because it's so much better for my stress level...and my mental health....and I can find things.  And because it makes me so DANG happy, I mixed up some Oatmeal Choc Chip cookies
and Original All-Bran muffins.  It's been too long.  I've missed days like today.  The sun was shining and it was beautiful out.  And I was smiling.  A few things that had me stewing a couple of days ago, have sorted themselves out and that rocked, too.
I realize I've not posted in a long time.  I'm just hoping to get back to some sort of routine here, and work it all out.
Hoping you are having a great Fall Y'All!
PS After supper, we took a little trip to Joann Fabrics for driving practice and I came home and put THIS together.  Yes, it was a very good day!

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Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like you had a great day, and you made me yearn for some fall weather. It's still pretty warm here in California.

I wish I'd been around to get in on some of that cooking you were inspired to do!