Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some nights....

You just can't sleep.  Your brain doesn't turn off and you just think yourself awake.  If only there was a little switch, that makes the problems of the day stop, for just a couple of hours.  That makes the big stuff get small.  That makes the broken stuff get fixed.

And it's that end of summer weekend that marks the beginning of fall with back to school, and football and cooler temps, and changing leaves and although I'm good with all of those things, and snuggling up, it's a sad goodbye to summer. 

I stopped on the street yesterday to chat with a friend, whom I haven't talked with in a long while.  He said how are you?  No, really, how are you?? And I said tired.  I feel like I'm always running around.  Some people want that vacation full of activities and stuff and doing....I'm not those people.  I crave the quiet.  The lack of commitment that comes from going far enough away to not be able to do anything that needs doing at or from home.  You can field a few phone calls, but the rest - take a message.  If your life is full of obligations and activities and schedules and games and meets and practices, you might just know what I mean.  And then there is nice.  I've got quite a bit of nice.  And I like to share it with as many people as possible.  If you need help, and I can give it, I'm more than likely glad to do it.  But sometimes, nice gets pretty thin.  If you've been pouring out more than is coming in, than you get is a place that's tough.  I'm not meaning that not enough people are nice to me and I'm pouting about it.  I'm talking about setting aside a bit of time to be nothing, and God will take care of putting some nice back in your pitcher.  But you've got to sit still long enough for it to happen.  If you keep answering the phone and answering questions, and running here and picking up there, you too, could get a bit sparse in the nice department.  It's really too bad that it happens, but I think there was a plan involved with this.

So, if you're thinking you'd like to be here, don't look for me, because I'm thinking I really need to be someplace more like this one
so, if you can't find a spare minute to call your own...and you just need to regroup and rest up and reset yourself, perhaps you'll want to spend a little time here, too.  Alone, or mostly alone.  Maybe a few things like sewing, or knitting, or reading, but not too much.  'Cuz then it starts to be work and obligations and you've defeated the purpose by just bringing it along.  Yeah, I've been doing that, too.  I have a whole pile of magazines that are partly read and I don't know what ones I've read all the way and what ones are partially read or unread, so I just keep carrying this huge bag of reading material around from campsite to workplace to car trip, to whatever.  And then there are the multiple knitting projects in many zippered pouches, which seemed like a good thing to do, but I'm not going to do them all, so I'm thinking it's backfiring a bit.  But now it's fall, the season to hunker down and get ready for hibernating.  For preserving, canning, freezing and making ready.  I've got some tomatoes in jars on the counter, and some corn in the freezer.  My garden is a disaster, but I'm OK with that, all things considered.
Some housecleaning would probably be a good idea and some catching up in other areas.  I have a benefit for a friend with ALS next month and I need to get a Chinese Auction item or two ready for that.  I have a new Sunday School year starting in a couple of weeks, so we are getting our books in for that.  We have a new year of youth Bible Study starting in September, so got to get that bookage lined up.  School is starting, which means football.  The fullness of the calendar doesn't excite me, it tends to depress me.  Something's got to give.  Looking for balance.. looking for less...hmmmm



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Susan Anderson said...

This post resonated with me. Totally.