Saturday, July 5, 2014

just books..

Even if all I write about is what I'm least I'm writing something.
Yesterday was July 4th.  And on July 4th, I get people for supper and fireworks at my house.  It's not a bad thing, it just is the way it is.
So, on July 5th, I like to do not-too-much.  Today, that consisted of grabbing the Karen Kingsbury book- The Chance-

 The Chance   -     By: Karen Kingsbury
 I had started and reading in my chair on my deck.

It was peaceful and just what I needed today.  The glass was a bottomless helping of iced tea, frequently mixed with lemonade.  It was hot and it was filled a lot and the ice would melt and I'd just need more.  The cordless was out there with me, well, because I was alone and I didn't want to jump up and check if it was someone here I sat, in all my hours of afternoon today.  Thankful for the freedom to do just that.
Bible School starts tomorrow night, but I think I can bop out for the few things I still need for that and be back before Addie closes her ice cream doors for the night.  I'm thinking there will NOT be 40 flavors left at that time, but as long as I can find one of my favorites, it's all good.
Happy Weekend to you all.

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Jen said...

I love your reading spot on the deck! Our deck is in desperate need of some attention at the moment. I'm hoping that next summer it will be a lovely refuge instead of a "to do" item. :)