Sunday, June 29, 2014

hey there...

It is summer....yeah, baby!
It's hot.  It's sticky.  School is out.  I've attended my last graduation party and I'm looking at a nightmare kid's activity schedule.  It must be summer.  So I finished my first summer read today.  It's not a book I would normally have read.  The language and parts of the content are not my style and a little more racy than what I read.  But the story line had me hooked and I read it to the end.  It was a different ending than I expected....and I think it made me sad, when I had hopes of a happy ending.  I'm just that you prefer happy endings, or are you good with whatever comes your way??

 SO, not to give the book awat, but just reading off the front cover-
If you won the lottery, would you trade your life for the life of your dreams?  What's on your Wish List??


Lynda said...

Your book sounds interesting...unfortunately it's not available in our library system.

But I am reading another good one. Will blog about it on my next yarn along post.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Susan Anderson said...

If I won the lottery, I would live the same way I do now for the most part. Maybe a bit more traveling. But I would probably help my children out with big expenses! And I would pick really cool charities to donate to and maybe pick some deserving people to make secret gifts to. Wouldn't that be fun?