Saturday, June 14, 2014

Camping for the first time this season.  We chose a campground close to home because we always seem to have stuff. This weekend I had a bridal shower and a kid playing in a basketball tourney. Turns out he is getting along with the help of others and I bopped out for a few hours and then back again. We both needed to get away from home. This camping thing is a little like running away with a whole bunch of your stuff.

Yeah. It's a bit scary of a picture but it is who we are. We did bring the dog who discovered last night that when no kids go along, the couch is empty all night. Guess where he was this morning??
When I loaded the stuff back in the camper for the year I remembered that I was going to sew a camper quilt and haven't yet. Going on the list and close to the top.
I had mixed reviews from friends when I talk about camping. Some think it is too much work and no kind of fun.  I assure them that my camping is far from roughing it. Listened to another friend talk about her childhood memories of family camping trips and the camper they had and the restriction that each child had to fit her clothes into a dishpan with her name on it and that their frig was really more a cool that had a big chunk of ice in it that got smaller as time went by, giving them more room for food but they were eating the food up and didn't need the space. Imagine that camping with Wayde was an adventure all its own.

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