Wednesday, May 7, 2014

While you were gone....

It's just a thing I do....  After the hubby's craziness of work is done April 15th, he takes off to go on a golf trip.  And I do a project.  We finished on Tuesday, but he was waiting until after Easter, and I wrote about some already...
There was the 3 generation mani-pedi date on day #1

Then day # 2 had me looking at some ugly carpet for the last time....

Photo: #2. Rip out carpet.

Ripping and rolling the old stuff and getting ready for the new floor...

Photo: Carpet-gone!
And as long as we are ripped up, the walls got a new coat, but the picture is not that it's not posted.
Day  #3 was the day of new floor...and it worked out well, and I really really like it!!

 Photo: I'm loving this!!

And then there was Day #4 which was the day the entry got a fresh coat of paint and then the hallway ceiling got freshened.  The walls of the hall got a coat of leftover paint from the Erie office last week and although I bought a big piece of threshold for the doors and closet of my flooring, I changed my mind and just cut a couple of pieces from what I had left. 
I have a couple of other projects on the list for summer.  Some shelves, some cleaning out and pitching, some good stuff.

And I've been knitting and reading a bit, but I didn't take pictures and I'm not writing now, so next week, I'll catch you up on it.

Photo: Covered up the scuffs and scratches here. And then there was the ceiling in the hallway. I'm tired. Guess I'd better go to work tomorrow.

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