Sunday, May 18, 2014

A graduate party

Yesterday, we celebrated our daughter's graduation from college.  I had asked what she wanted to do and she said the ticket number was limited, but she'd like to have the grandparents meet us at a restaurant after the ceremony for dinner together.  For us, this is a little more of a special circumstance.  We are one of those blended family type of things.

Both parents have remarried.  There are 3 shared children and an extra boy in each family.

 So we take pictures with each group...
And all of our parents are still alive.  So that means 4 sets of grandparents, together with the kids, her boyfriend, and his mom and brother, all got together to eat.

 She realizes what a special thing it is to have all these people supporting you as you go through your life.  Some of these people have some pretty serious health issues.  But they find the time to support the kids in their lives and to show that life is about caring and sharing.  And about just loving each other.  No matter how we got to this place.  We did it together.  And in some families, you get 8 times the blessings.

 And that guy and his family, pretty nice addition to the party...

Congratulations, dear daughter.  You have a wonderful life ahead of you.

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Sue said...

Wonderful day, and you all look great!