Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No yarn to along....

Instead of my Yarn Along post tonight, I'm posting my own HGTV episode. OK.  This point came up in discussion today.  Is it just me, or have the DIY shows moved from Trading Spaces and Mission Organization, where there were ideas for anyone to try out, to let's buy a $450,000 home and use another $100,000 to reno it so it is a great starter home.  Professionals doing the work in 4 weeks.  Less and less ideas for the working girl to try out.  Perhaps I just need to adjust my watching times.

Anyway, today, I tried Pergo.  It was all ready to go and after my highschooler went to the dentist and was returned to school, I picked up the 4 pieces that my uncle had ripped the tongue off of....sounds pretty creepy, but it has to be done.  I put in some spacers and started laying it down.  I learned a few things.  I should probably write them down, so I don't forget for next time.  There could be a next time.  I guess I just have to see how this stuff wears.  I like the look.  I'll pick up a couple of rugs to throw around and all will be good.  And the room is clean, so there's that going for me, too!

Just waiting for a call from the oldest to meet him for a drug dog drop.  Yes, Giovanni is coming to visit while they are at a wedding.  That should prove to be interesting.

I'm sort of ready for a nap, but it will wait a little longer...  I'll sleep good tonight. :o)  In my clean, reno'd by me, room!!

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