Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camping Cozy in my room

I'm in the middle of a project.  It's a tradition I have.  We are a tax season family.  Hubby is a CPA and I'm his paper-pushing helper.  I know I've written it many times from January to April.  But it is that time.  The deadline has come and gone and now we are breathing a little freer...taking a break from CRAZY and enjoying a bit of other things.  My hubby's reward is a golf trip.  Every spring for many, many years, he leaves to go to North Carolina to golf with friends.  Although I have gone along a couple of times and visited with my sister, I have other things I like to do, too.  It is my project time.  I pick something that needs attention and after he leaves, I rip into it.
A few years ago, I painted my room.  I think the date on the can was 4 years ago.  I painted my creamy tax bedroom walls dark green...but that was the second color.  The first one was sort of taupe.  It was the new color in the bathroom that I liked so much, I thought I'd bring it out into the bedroom.  Bad answer.  It had more of a gray look to it.  And anyone who knows me very well, knows gray and I are NOT friends.  So I painted the first wall....which just happens to be the tallest in my cathedral ceiling bedroom...and I went to Lowe's and they mixed me a dark green and I climbed the ladder and repainted the wall dark green and then the other two walls, too.  The fourth wall has a creamy background with pine trees on it.  It has been on that wall probably 15 years.  I love that paper and it is stuck down pretty good, so it stays...and the green walls matched quite well.  But one coat wasn't really enough.  They were a bit streaky and needed a second coat.  But I'd lost my ambition and just didn't want to climb the ladder anymore, so I left it that way.  Not a horrible look, but on a sunny day, I'd often scold myself for not doing the second coat while the room was messed up.  So this was on my list for Golf Week.  Among other things.....
So far, my mom, daughter, and I went to visit my sister and we all had mani-pedi treatments.  It was fun and lovely.  I wasn't going to do the manicure since I knew I was going into project week, but then I gave in.  They are looking a bit rough around the edges, but the treatment was worth it.  Then we had lunch together and bid her ado and drove home.
Home project #1 was a new outdoor light beside my door.  This house was built in the 70's and somethings still scream 'Brady Bunch house'.  When 'harvest gold' is part of the description, you know you might be a bit dated.  So I picked out something I liked and brought it home and flipped the breaker and undid the old one, wired up the new one, put in a 60 watt bulb, turned the electric back on a smile when it worked.  Then a little later, I replaced the 60 with a 40 watt bulb.  It's still quite bright, but I like it alot.  Cheap thrill. Much increased curb appeal.
Home project #2 was to rip up the old carpet in my bedroom.  Did you ever put down a carpet that just didn't quite do it??  It looked good at first, then it started looking a bit dirty, so I cleaned it and I swear that made it look worse...and it hasn't ever gotten better.  Add a couple of doggie incidents and ...Live and learn.  There is a lot of furniture in my bedroom....heavy furniture.  Some of it just got shuffled back and forth, but many pieces are in the living room and Andy's since she headed back to college yesterday with great looking nails!  The carpet and pad are out of the room and out of the house.  Mom showed up to help.  She can't pass up a good DIY and cleaning opportunity. Yahoo!!  It feels cleaner in here already.  Then, as long as the room is messed up already.....
Home project #3 is that second coat of green paint.  Had it done before I ate supper...well, I did eat quite late, but had to finish that first.  Feeling good and it's only Tuesday...I it??
Home project #4 starts in the morning after taking a boy to the dentist and then to school.  I have many boxes of Pergo in my living room waiting to be installed in the bedroom.  I am hoping to have not too many problems.  I'm thinking positive.  I told my mom that this is when everything goes wrong on the TV redo's and the wires and plumbing and rotting something are discovered and the foundation needs redone and the whole project gets delayed and they call in the hazmat team.... nope, not going to happen.  We will have a great looking floor in there before the weekend.  I might even have a few pictures.
Home Project #5 ...??? depends on what happens with project #4.  Tune in to find out!!

So, it was time for bed and my room is barely there, but my bed was and I looked at my daughter's bed and my mostly empty room and I was going to just sleep in her bed, but maybe I'll have to tomorrow night, but I like sleeping in my own bed, so I just grabbed a sheet out of the closet, and her pillows and an extra quilt and Scott's couch cozy blanket and went to the bed.  The dog won't sleep in here this week, even though he sleeps here every other night.  He sleeps in the kitchen, close to the door.  He is waiting for Scott to come home.  He is a one-man dog and I know that.  Can't fight that kind of loyalty.
Have a great


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Suddenly I'm feeling very lazy. My great accomplishment for the day was dusting downstairs.

Sue said...

Sometimes I really enjoy a little project time alone, when I don't have to worry about hubby feeling left out. He is going on a gold trip next month, and we are both looking forward to it!