Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dove Chocolates..

I gave a small gift to a lady in my Sunday School class around Christmas time.  No big thing.  But she is single and I know that she often takes the holiday shift at her hospital job, so moms can be with their kids.  And a week or two later, she came back with a gift bag for me.  Oh, man.  I didn't want it to be that sort of thing where you feel obligated to pay back the gift.  So I smiled and thanked her and took my bag home.  And when I opened it, I was greeted by a bag of DOVE dark chocolates.  Yummmm.  We actually used to pass around chocolates in our class sometimes.  And I wondered if I should have passed them that Sunday that I didn't open them, but no.  I kept them to myself.  And I tucked them in my secret chocolate hiding place.  Do other people (moms) have these places, too??  Not that no one knows that there is chocolate in the top drawer of my nightstand.  But they do understand that it was put there by me, for me.  I go there sometimes when I'm having a bad day, or when I'm crawling into bed with a book.  I pull out the foil wrapped happiness, and carefully peel it back.  I don't want to rip the message.  If you don't eat DOVE chocolates, you might not know that inside the foil, is a message.  Sort of like a fortune cookie for chocolate lovers.  Today seemed long.  I have work yet to do, so I changed from my clothes that have spent the day collecting the smells of other people's dogs and cats, at my vet clinic job.  I put on a sweatshirt that bears the name of my daughter's college - a gift from her for my birthday her first year there.  This is her last year there.  Next year's plans are uncertain for her- an education waiting year.  And I grabbed my sweatpants- worn, but warm and warm is what I'll need this evening.  Back to the office in my home and my copier and stapler and the tax returns that await my mad clerical skills.  And as I prepare for my next shift, I unwrap one of those chocolates from my friend and I'm greeted with my message
"Enjoy the childhood joys of winter."  Ok.  Now I know I should just savor the flavor.  But it's March 13th.  And on my way to work this morning it was -1.  And on my way home it was 12.  And two days ago it was 50.  And tomorrow it is supposed to warm up again.  And then in another couple of days get real cold again.  I'm SO confused.  So I guess I'd better just enjoy the joys of winter.  Last Saturday's youth sledding party with hot chocolate and donuts after....snowdays....this year, too cold-stay home from school days.....bright snow.....drifts.....snow sculptures on my morning walks...sweaters.....fireplace fires.....nice smelly candles....cuddly blankets....watching the dog pouncing through the snow to chase his stick (he's addicted) tea....cold tea....warm comfort food meals.....heated car seats in the hubby's car....that moment in the morning when the freeze leaves the car and the heats really kicks in....slippers and fuzzy socks....jigsaw puzzles at my mom's house.
I do like winter.....for a while....but the time is coming....time for a change....time to tuck the woolies away for awhile.  But for now, I'll just unwrap another chocolate....This time "Chocolate speaks the international language of love."  Oh, yeah, and that is TOTALLY my language...
Have a nice night.

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Sue said...

Dove chocolates are so smooth and creamy….and the messages are fun, too.