Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And again we have snow....

I know, if you've read anything this winter, you've read about all the cold and snow...and if you live here, there's no question that you know ALL about it.  So, I guess that I don't really need to talk more about it, but I'm going to say some things you might not agree with.  I am trapped in the office ALOT from January to April 15th.  I would feel worse if it was beautiful out and I was stuck in the office, copying, stapling, paper clipping...all that stuff, while everyone else got to enough months of beautiful weather.  I'm not a winter sports person.  I've skied and snowmobiled in my life time.  I've been cross country skiing and enjoyed it.  I'd like to give snowshoeing a try just for the health of it.  Snow can be beautiful and this morning with a low temp and a fresh coat of snow, it was a pretty walk with the dog.  I do enjoy a good snuggle by the fire with a book or movie.  So really, as much as its been cold and snowy, I'm OK with it.  If I wasn't working, on the inside looking out, I might feel different.  But when April rolls around, send me spring!!

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