Friday, January 10, 2014

Thinking and computering....

I'm ready to start doing some computer work, but a bit distracted, so I thought I might just type along here off and on today..
How nice.  The mailman just stopped in to check the mail delivery.  There were several names for our address and although we sometimes get client mail here, none of these were ours.  This is what happens for a while at a new address :o)  So nice for him to take the time to check.
Last night i embraced the whole knitting at the ballgame thing and did several rows of my Terribly Simple while watching the game.  It is actually small enough yarn and needle, that I have to pay a little more attention than before.  But every row done puts me closer to this alpaca neck wrap of wonderfulness!

Been sitting by the fire, working on my computer.  Here in the Erie office the fire is a nice LASKO heater that is parked really close to my desk.  It's not as cold today as it has been, but there is a dampness that chills, too. 
Today I figured out what light switch turns on the back I just have to figure out if it is motion detecting or just on/off.  It will be good to have that on most afternoon/evening hours.  The fun stuff of the new office...discoveries and just figuring out things.  I had 4 keys cut that only open one of the two doors that have the same lock...yep, that one's a mystery to me.  So I had Bill at Rowan Hardware cut me one yesterday and it opens both doors...go figure.  Friends can do remarkable things for you, just because...

My daughter is getting mail concerning graduation this spring...from college.  Feeling old, but happy for her.  We are exchanging happy messages with her and her friend about making her a sparkly graduation gown!  There is a guy she studies with that would wear one, I'm sure!!  How exciting to have your life spread ahead of you and be so close to opening all kinds of doors...and terribly frightening, too. 
I've been entering on one computer, but playing music on the other one.  Leaning toward Jenny Simmons and Addison Road today.  I heard her speak and sing at Kingdom Bound last year and realllly liked her.  Maybe she'll be back this year.  They will start releasing the list this month, although I've seen some press about some of the groups that are supposed to be there already.  It is a youth year, so we will have a big group and more responsibilities, but it is such a time of your soul being filled up...Everyone should do something to charge their battery up at least once a year.  What is yours???
Have a great Friday!


Susan said...

It's always fun being in a new place and learning its quirks. Graduation is such an exciting time for both parents and kids. Kingdom Bound sounds like a great event.

I really like your blog banner. Did you paint the illustration? So cute! I love the easy chair, the stack of books and the dog.

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Sounds lovely! Congrats to your daughter!