Friday, January 3, 2014

Not so Perky...

Anyone else havin' those post-holiday, overextended the energy, around too many germs, caught something that's kickin' my butt blues??
Yeah, I'm not sure what it is.  Starting working its way into my household the week of Christmas and hasn't worked its way back out yet.  I got familiar with it on Christmas night.  Not the going and throwing flu, but just not feeling right...and some hot and cold stuff...lots of blankets and rest...and then something sitting on my chest....not so much coughing and nose blowing, just would slowly work its way into my day until by evening I was really dragging.  I have some knitting and reading and lots of other little tasks that aren't getting any attention, because I've just got no ambition.  BUT.. in the morning, things look and feel and seem a little better, so I'm trying to attack a thing or two in the morning light, when there's a chance to get it at least started, if not done.
The hubby started it.  His is much more a cold at this point.  I've just started the fast running nose part.  Hoping this means it's working its way out of my body.  Been through a lot of chicken soup lately.  It cures a lot, just takin' a little longer this time.

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