Saturday, December 28, 2013

It is after noon.  And I am still in my PJs.  It's OK.  I've already been out of the my pjs.  The guys had a breakfast and I didn't go to help cook, passing my pancake flipping job off to my friend's hubby.  So I climbed out of bed, brushed my teeth and went to her couch.  We haven't had nearly enough time to just visit.  I took my many knitting projects in a large tote.  Together we did inventory of what project was in what stage of completion.  I had a completed cowl that just needed the ends woven in.  DONE.  There was a pair of fingerless gloves that were waiting for help to put stitches on needles for adding thumbs.  I threaded a piece of waste yarn around each thumb hole and I'm thinking I'm about ready to put the DPN in and get the knit on.  I pulled out the green vest and quickly put it back in the bag.  Checked another zippered bag to find my Cheryl Burns alpaca yarn just a few rows of a simple shawl on a circular needle, started a couple of months ago.  There was also a zippered bag with a Christmas stocking from 2 years ago.  I made 2 in time for Christmas, then started the third, but without a specific person waiting for it, the stocking is just on hold as a mindless knitting project for a while longer.  The vest needs restarted.  Maybe next week. Then breakfast was done, the guys came home and I went home, but after a run with my new chauffeur to the dump and the post office, where I was just the legal co-pilot, I was back on my my jammies.
 Time stopped for  a while and I got dressed and went for a walk with the dog and hubby.
When I was on my own for a while with little kids and making my own rules, we adopted "Jammies Til Noon on Saturday".  Every other day we had stuff to get up for.  I worked and they often went with me, but sometimes to a sitter.  Sundays were church day.  Up and out for Sunday School and church.  Before this bedtime was more relaxed, too.  But when it was just me running the show, there was a little more structure on up and down time.  But Saturdays, sweet Saturdays were Jammies Til Noon day.  Those were glorious days.  Simpler days of not much in the way of evening obligations.  No practices, no clubs, no meetings, no groups.  After all, young children have early bedtimes.  I miss those times and the sort of carefree schedule.  OK, so life with 2 or 3 small children is far from easy and carefree.  But those days where JTN ruled are missed.  So today, I had a flashback day and stayed in my jammies.  And it was good.

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Hen Jen said...

jammies till noon sounds like a brilliant idea :D -and wow, you were knitting up a storm!

hope you had a great Christmas!