Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just A Saturday in January

It is already a few days into the new year, and I have yet to fill in my Goals List.  I have done this for several years...not really sure if you can count it as a success or a not, but it does help to keep me focused as I look it over from time to time from it's place in my calendar and another copy in my desk basket.  I have used these lists through the year to motivate me.
So what do we want to see changed this year??  Is there something in your financial area that needs neatened up?  How about your spiritual life?  Do you need a boost?  A new group, perhaps, or a place to go to rev you up?  Are you starting a new study?  Good for you!  Keep it up! 
How about a reading list for 2014?  Are there books that you haven't had time to cross off your list??  Keep working on them!  You can do it.  And there there are the health issues....always looking to drop 10-20 pounds??  need to kick up the exercise??  You can do it!  Write it down and go for it!  I also have a list of a few places I'd like to go in the year.  I don't always get there and sometimes they are biased, as they are already selected vacation spots or weddings for the year.  But by writing and seeing and crossing them off, I have that feeling of accomplishment and moving forward.  '
Don't just  make it a January 1st event.  Keep looking, keep doing, keep going, keep on keep on....
I love to see you succeed.
Happy New Year

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