Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Life and Welcome to It...or WHAT WAS I THINKIN???

This disaster is my craft room...well, a portion of my craft room.  Remember before when I told you all about moving.  Well, in moving around my Erie office space, I ended up with an extra desk.  This is not just a normal desk, it's BIG honker...old secretary type with the door on your left with the spring loaded Typewriter shelf that will break your finger if it gets in the way...ya, big heavy, all those other words that kind of make it not an item that men love to move.  And it didn't have a place in the new office and I didn't want to get rid of it.  I wanted to move it home with me...and then I needed to make room for it...and I have this other cupboard thing with doors, but it is off the floor, yet not enough to slide the tubs of quilt/fabric scraps underneath.  Yeah, I have a bunch of that stuff.  I used to throw a lot of that stuff out, but when I do quilts with applique, you just might need a bit of brown or green or sunshine from one of those scraps, so I've kept a tub of random cotton fabric scraps.  If you sew, quilt, craft, I'd bet you might have a box of these yourself.  So I got some broken bricks and we raised it up enough to  slide the tub under...okay, so there are two of those scrap tubs.  One is fleece and flannel and other odds and ends.  I have another stack of that bumpy stuff that goes on the bottom of your footie pjs, and some terry cloth because I was going to make slippers one time for gifts, but the first pair was such a disaster that I just stacked it to the side.  I really need to just take that to Scrap & Sew and gift it to someone to love.
BUT, in order to move this cupboard, I had to take everything off the top and out of the inside.  If there was ever a doubt that this cupboard had value, the shear volume of stuff on and in it, that ended up all over the place made me think this was probably a keeper.  But now it needs sorted and tidied and returned to some order and then the rest of the room needs to be set to right because I have STUFF I want to do in here and I want to have my Singer tuned up before Scrap & Sew.  I have things that need finished and things I'd like to start and things that just need put back into place so this mess is a workable room again.  I like having friends over to sew or knit or craft with me, but there is no space for friends right now, so it's time to make time and make neat.  I need my quiet friend time.  I'll get there.  Soon.  At least make enough space for one friend and maybe then I'll tidy while my friend finishes cutting and then make enough space for sewing, too and before long, I'll be smiling wide.
But to empty this cupboard all over the room, stacks on stacks...what WAS I thinking?!?!?!?

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Sue said...

Good luck, Karen!