Sunday, August 25, 2013

Busy Moving....

It has been a busy month...a month of moving...

First move was Dan headed out to college for freshman year and football

 This is my living room as he piled and packed.  It actually looked too much like this after he left!  I took him to Cortland on Wednesday morning for his football meeting at 1:00 and moved him into temporary dorm housing for a few days.  All the team stays together for that time. 

This is our morning departure.  I was only crying a little bit.  It's about 4.5 hours one way.  I took a big hanky along and a fresh box of tissues.  I'm that way... the spiritual gift of tears.  I have trouble with my nest getting empty.
 Here is our sign...HomeSweet Home.  Left him off, had lunch with my friend Julie and then headed home.  To return again on Sunday with all the stuff for his permanent dorm room for this year.  However, his dorm was not ready on Sunday, so most of the guys moved out and we left his stuff in his temp room for him to move over on Tuesday when his was ready... But we had a chance to have lunch together and visit before he had to get back to his 1:00 meeting of the team.

On the homefront, our Erie office is in the process of moving.  We were renting a building and decided it was time to purchase one and when our landlord only wanted to sell ours as part of a 3 building package we said "No thanks" and bought one around the corner and up the street a bit.  So this has involved cleaning carpets, painting walls,....this is my space.  Using the KILZ to cover the spots where someone missed the dry-erase board and wrote on the walls.  I hardly dripped on the floor much and only did one glob on the ceiling.  

 Here is Scott painting the walls in the back office.  I don't love painting after dark with this lighting.  Too hard to see missed spots.  But you use the time you have, so we painted and prepped before our moving guys came with the truck on Saturday morning...
 Saturday morning I worked at the Vet Clinic, then picked up a kid at football, ran him through the shower and headed to the new Erie office to start settling and unpacking.  We spent a good amount of time there and it looked much better than this when I left.  Bert set up a couple of computers, because it is just easier for a 15yr old boy to crawl on the floor and stand almost on his head when you are setting that stuff up.  We had a couple of unruly branches on the tree out front and a bush out back, so we put him on that detail too.

Meanwhile, Andrea was finishing up her summer work and waiting for her bedroom in the apartment at Fredonia to be empty.  She has a tiny room and wanted to loft her bed over a dresser.  The room was supposed to be furnished, but the dresser was trashed, the desk in pieces and there just wasn't much room...
So we googled and shopped at Lowe's, where they cut most of the wood for us.  Andrea painted the dresser from her bedroom and the front boards for the loft.  We predrilled our holes and hauled it all to school on Thursday night...after we worked and it was late and Home Depot was closed.  So when we ran out of Lug screws and our wood screws wouldn't go through the particle board, we were a bit in trouble.  Stayed WAYYY too late trying to use Walmart replacement screws... Went to work the next day, stopped at the local hardware for more lag screws and Bill sold me some screws for the top and we grabbed a couple of friends and headed there again Friday...later than I'd like...and they worked together.

 Andrea took the lead, because she has power tool aptitude and experience, but she shared with Marb and Lindsey, who was so excited she thinks power tools might be on her Christmas list next year!!

 This was our finished construction...not too bad.  The loft was finished and fit.  The dresser slid under and fit.  The desk was carried over from last year's apartment and suffered a bit of damage, but with a bit of Gorilla Glue and some bracing, it will work and everyone was happy in the end.

This was her departure picture this morning.  We had already gone to church and she was still chucking stuff in the back of her rig!!  Senior year...her last moving in trip to Fred!  Do you see any of my stuff in there???
Have a great year!! 

Remember to call your mama, cuz she misses you like crazy!!

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