Friday, January 11, 2013

what time??

 When did it get to be 8:40 pm??  How did I miss the hours today??  I was happily working along in Erie at SL Bensink and, that's me... and then stopped for a couple of errands,...

First stop - BEST BUY.  To pick up the laptop that was left there on Wednesday...after they decided it needed virus removal and updating and just general loving in the software area... yes, I'm paying the price, but if you figure how much this thing is running at home and at SUNY Fredonia, it's worth is.  The deal I got is for up to 3 machines....which three should we attend to??  The green DELL is the first one and then hmmm... food for thought.  Sooooo....I had already called to see if it would be ready...was supposed to get an email and they thought when I dropped it off, that it would be ready Thursday night/Friday morning.  Well, I was planning on being right there around 6, so I thought I'd check.  They were still running a scan and update and it would be ready.  Got there, waited my turn, gave him my paper....returns without a computer...sorry, it is still running updates.  I said I called...I'll come back ...he said there's only 2 1/2 more hours today...I said it won't be today....and then he smiled at me and put out his hand and told me his name and something else pleasant and you know, I really appreciated that.  It wasn't his fault, and even though they told me it would be done, no biggy.  I'll get it Sunday or Monday. 

Next stop TARGET. For Christmas we got a gift card for a cake ball maker, cuz it's just what I wanted.  They were out of them, so we got the goodies to use, but the gift card for the maker.  I went in there and found one today on the shelf and then looked below and there were none.  RATS!!  strike 2!!

Last stop- Giant Eagle.  There were 2 prescriptions to pick up and while we were there, something for supper and maybe tomorrow night...I'm picking up bananas, grabbing some oranges, thinking about a half dozen other things to get there quick, and Scott meets up with me and they only had 1 prescription filled... STRIKE THREE!  Let's go home!!

And here I am, winding down my week...thinking about all of you...winding down your week.... Have a good one.

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Sue said...

Three strikes and you're out, eh? I'm impressed that you were such a good sport about it all!