Tuesday, January 8, 2013

running thin...

It is January...and it is 2013....and I'm having a take-it-easy day...morning started out not too peppy, so i went with it and did a few things, then climbed on the couch and pulled out last year's Christmas gift, as of yet, not fully watched.  The Gilmore Girls and I are enjoying today together.  I'm in Season 3, and on the second disc,,,oh, I didn't start at the beginning, just where I remember stopping the last time I was in a GG marathon.  I took a break and put a fire in the fireplace, read a bit, no knitting yet, but it's right by my side and I'm thinking about it.  What do you do on your lumpy days??
I have another confession:  I find myself looking at all the sweaters and knits on TV and movies.  Always checking out possibilities for future projects...how hard would that sweater be to knit?? Can I find something on Ravelry that matches it or can be adjusted to this look?  How would that look in dark green??
We are getting ready for our busy season.  Tax Season 2013...can't wait.  I really do like tax season, but it is crazy busy...along with the senior year extra stuff. And the fact that mid April is the end of the most craziness, makes it even better.  A day like this before it all starts, is a welcome break. Thanks for just leaving me be.  I appreciate it


Sue said...

It happpens.


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love how you think - relaxing before the craziness begins. Good for you!