Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January First 2013

It's HERE!~!
Another year has come and gone and now we have a calendar that tells us 2013 is on the move!
This year I will have another high school graduate.  Who will become another college freshman this fall.  We will be down to one child at home full time.  He will be our sophmore and lonely.  I think about how hard it is for me to watch them fly from the nest, as a parent.  I don't often enough think about what it means to the ones left behind.  No more rides to and from practice...no more sharing the bathroom...no more help with homework...no more sharing the food....no more helps with sports...no more tripping over 5 extra pair of size 12-13's at the door...the room will be quieter...emptier....cleaner....a little less stinky...will the fan still run every night, summer and winter??... it's never, ever the same again...so we will embrace the countdown and enjoy all the days to come..

Doing some laundry catching up...well, at least the sorting and a load or two tonight.  Tomorrow is Wisdom Teeth day for Andrea....fit neatly in winter break...not something fun to look forward to, but it needs doin' and the sooner, the better.  Some lounging/hanging out planned for tomorrow and maybe the next day or two...

Have you made some plans and goals for the new year??  We're back at the Game On health thing we've done in the past.  The weight we lost has been trying to find it's way home, so we are going to go back to the plan and see if we can chase it away again.

A friend or two wants to read through the Bible in a Year again, so we're going to give it a shot.  We did it as a church project several years ago, with questions every week and I had 20 people complete with me.  That ROCKED!!  This time is just a few of us, and maybe no questions...just check marks...we'll see if that is enough incentive to keep us going.  I'm also going to start another prayer project and we'll see how that goes...

I need to get my reading list going over there on the side...new year, new list...

I'm knitting and have 3 things going right now I need to finish and NOT carry into next year...so the stocking, the vest and the cowl will definitely be finished in 2013...hoping to learn a trick or two and gotta go back to that fiber fest in the fall!! Saving ideas for the next projects...

I have my own finance/job private goals...and hey, there are other things on my list downstairs.

One of the books I'm reading through this year is the Happiness Project and adding to that  Simple Abundance, along with the Bible, my night stand should be overflowing, so I took the opportunity to clear it a bit this past couple of days.

Along with graduation party plans, my gifts are a scrapbook and a quilt... those usually take me a bit of time.  I have another grad or 2 I'll have to do quilts for, so May/June will find me busy after the tax season rush.  That's OK.  It's all good..

I'm getting tired just thinking about it, but it's a good and full tired.  Surrounded by the love of my friends and family.  Already booked the summer vacation...Michigan, here we come!!  And there's that camper that needs a workout.

Got any plans for 2013??

ps. does anyone know how to get rid of link that have hooked themselves to this post? maybe they only show up on my  copy, but they are links to ads i DO NOT want...thanks


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

You have quite the list; good thing there are 365 days in a year! lol

I love January 1 as I make a loose list of goals for myself as well. I like the idea of starting fresh, but I also find I have to start fresh over and over during the year. I enjoy looking over my prayer journal at the end of the year and see how many requests were answered. That is always the highlight of January 1 for me.

God bless you and your family this new year!

Sue said...

I can't see any links, so maybe it's just you can can see them.

It's a strange feeling when the next starts emptying out, isn't it? I really didn't like it at first, but now I actually enjoy the serenity of it all!

Happy New Year to you...


julie said...

My plans:
I'm going to read through Simple Abundance along with you. I'm going to capture a daily photo - something I'm grateful for. I'm going to make some lovely things for MYSELF rather than giving them all away. :-) Happy new Year! :-)