Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarn Along

For quite a while now, I've been following a weekly post by Ginny.  It is called a Yarn Along.  You sign on weekly, and share what you are reading and what you are knitting or crocheting.  You take a photo and then you write what you are here goes....
Today, for the first time, I'm going to join along in the fun.
When I was young, it was a 5 mile drive to our local Library, but it was something we made a lot of use of in the summer.  In my younger years, I read through Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books.  I remember being under a blanket in the heat of the summer, because it made me cold to read about those prairie winters and all the storms.  I decided to read back through the series again. I was reading The Long Winter when I was in North Carolina, riding along in the golf cart.  I hardly broke a sweat and it was HOT!!  I am up to Little Town on the Prairie, and have sent Mary off to college for the blind..  It is actually quite interesting what I have learned about life by reading these at my age.  Just what went into planting, harvesting, living... good stuff.
My knitting here is my next Christmas Stocking.  Last year we saw some really neat Christmas stockings, and although everyone in my house has a stocking, lovingly made for them by our friend, Myrtle Tryon, for their first Christmas in the family, my family is growing up and some are going off on their own.  And these stocking were really neat.  And we've been to a couple of fiber fests, and some thick and thin, or just regular weight yarn, hand dyed, is just the thing to make a unique stocking.  It's a great take along project.  And you get to knit a long time before you have to figure out the whole heel thing!  Last year I made one for my son's girlfriend, and a new one for him.  I felted hers.  That was the original intent.  We made them big for that reason... but it is hard to do it sometimes.  I told him I would felt his, too.  But so far I haven't.  My #2 son likes the Longhorns, which was how we started on the whole orange theme here.  But I really like this one myself.  Andrea is actually next in line, but she has told me several times that she doesn't need a stocking, because she already has one.  Yep, she does.  And she always will here.  Just giving options.
Please click on the link above and check out what others have been up to this week!!


swanski said...

Great idea for the christmas stockings! I have four matching stockings that my mom made for us (mine is a different dye lot), I do love and treasure them. Welcome to the yarn along-it's fun!

Sue said...

I love a handmade Christmas stocking!

And I also loved the Little House on the Prairie books.


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Good idea to read through the Laura books again! My favorite always was The Long Winter, and it's so hard to imagine living like they did since I so enjoy turning up the furnace when I want to!

Spent Friday evening with Angela (Fussy Cut) and saw her socks she's knitting and yarn for the next project. Between you and her, I am itching to knit; but I find I have way too many other irons in the fire. They days just aren't long enough!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wonderful idea! I used to love Little House on the Prairie!

Hannah said...

I discovered the Little House series in my late twenties and have had them on a steady rotation for the last couple of years. I never tire of hearing about their lives. Recently I discovered that someone had penned a book about the lost years when Laura's baby brother is born (and doesn't make it) and On the Way Home about their trip to Missouri when Rose is older.