Wednesday, June 13, 2012


3 years or so ago, I got a pretty neat phone.  More things on it than I needed or ever figured out.  This thing has a mind of it's own and often when I put it in my purse, it would dial my friends and family, without my consent!!  I'd also take it out, only to find that the little boxes had all re-arranged themselves without my knowledge or permission.  It even has a camera, but I don't use it very well.  It seems that this weekend, the little boxes all scrambled themselves again and I couldn't find a couple of the ones that I use, because they were way at the bottom.  So I pushed a couple of buttons and found a MOVE option, and I moved those puppies right to where I wanted and needed them to be.  I also discovered the place that you can put a real picture on it that will show up around all those little boxes.  So I flicked through my small collections of shots and found this early morning, going to work picture from 2 winters ago.  I took a few from my car and thought it didn't do the colors and the beauty much justice.  Well, when I loaded it on my phone, and looked at the bigger picture, I could see that the telephone pole looked quite a bit like a cross, and that sun was shining right through it all.  It really is a nice photo ....
Then I thought about all those little boxes that just keep doing what ever they want and moving around....and now this cross was standing watch over it all.   It's kind of like life.  If God is there, shining through our lives, we can try to move the boxes all over the place, but they are really going to be, just where he needs them...just where HE wants them to end up.  There are things that happen in life, that might just be GOD pushing the MOVE buttons, to get us back on track.  And when you can't quite figure it out, check out the instruction manual.  It's there, just waiting to be dusted off and read...even when, especially when, we are too busy.
Hope your SONRISE was beautiful today... :o)

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Sue said...

What a lovely picture, Karen. And I love the analogy that goes with it!