Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Bloggery...

I got on some blogs and asked some questions...and thanks to the advice I got from Amanda Jean - she sent me the nicest email.  I've never done any machine quilting and I took my first quilt class in the fall of 1989, when my first baby was around 6months old.  I learned how to hand quilt, and I tried a little on the machine without a walking foot, and tried to get a walking foot, but we didn't get the right one and it didn't work, so we returned them and just kept sewing and tying.  I've had a quilt quilted by some local Amish ladies and I love it.  I had one quilted on machine that I wasn't entirely happy with, and my last one that I just love was quilted by Carrie at The Quiltery....hmmm I can't find a picture for this one!!  Anyway, she quilted it with a variegated thread and it had the colors of all the blocks and I just love it!! I'll have to find a picture...
SO .. I bought this machine.  It can quilt the smaller things I make and I'm not sure I'll ever advance to bigger ones, but I have Carrie for that!!  This is my gift to myself, cuz hey, when you turn 50, you still gotta learn new things, right?? And this was fun, fun FUN!!

OK, So I'm not REALLY, REALLY good at it yet, but I had fun and I got better as I went along.  And what's NOT to love about this monster fabric that I got in Cambridge Springs???  I hope this kids doesn't get nightmares, because these monsters really aren't too scary, right??
See how kind of weirdly I did this??  But I'm learning and having a great time and it will hold up in the wash.  And it gives me joy and it keeps someone warm.  Yep, I think it's a good thing.

Here's another shot of my squiggly stippley stitches,   Aren't they just the cutest monsters?
If you have a good tutorial I should watch, please comment about it.  I'm in a good learning mode and I've got a lot to learn!!
Now I've just got to finish the binding here and I'll be ready to move on to the next one...oh, who am I kidding:? I'm ready right now.  If the electric would stay on, I might be down there right now learning and stitching!  If I don't answer the door, just yell and come on down!  I play loud music when I do this, too!


Sue said...

Looks great!

Machine quilting is the next best thing, right?...and it seems like it would be fun even for the diehard hand quilters.


Charlotte Helle said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! I just love that monster fabric! I've wanted to get into quilting, but the most I've done is a T-shirt quilt. And I'm not sure those really count.