Monday, October 3, 2011

see. now doesn't that look better???

After posting Thursday, I got off my duff and started sorting. I pulled yarn from a lot of places, found lots of empty bags and mostly empty bags and plastic junk bags and knitting instructions and books and regular books all a mess and just plopped and dropped. Opening the closet door, I found bags of pawed through yarn and empty stuff that had been stuffed in there, perhaps when wrapping Christmas gifts or something. I grouped all the yarn, zipped it into bags and neatly placed it in the closet, where I can find it neat and clean when I next need it. Tidied the books as best you can when your bookshelves are stuffed yet again. Threw out empty junk bags, folded and put away re-usable bags and now that space looks like this >>>>>>> Lovely, right?!?!?
Room for a cup of tea and a little quiet time at that table again. :o)

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Sue said...

Wow. You are going great guns with this organizing. Well done!