Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where am I??

It's starting to look a bit like this again. Beautiful !!

After using the good excuse of not posting because of my computer problems, I find that I am out of practice and out of the habit of it all. I think that daily at the tax computer, waiting for the copy machine to finish, will be my best time, but now I've just got to get back in the groove.
Today I was running around doing errands with the hubby. I'll be back to work in 3 weeks, so if I behave, running errands in the co-pilot seat is a good thing to do. Our loop included driving past Red Brick Farm again. We did just drive by there on Monday, and stopped, and took home a bag with 2 lovely things in it to satisfy the yarn craving in a person. But the craving wasn't mine alone, and the need for a neat red yarn that could be touched first was strong for someone else, so when I saw a oh-so-neat red yarn in varying shades, none resembling pink, that might just work, I had to bring it home and then show it to a friend who said "Yes! That would work! Not too pink" I try not to push my own choices on her...and I knew what I could do with that yarn if it wasn't what she wanted. So my stop today was to get a hank of the same kind of yarn for me. Not sure if the same color or a different one. NOTE TO SELF: The Yarn Cottage at RBF is CLOSED on THURSDAYS in the not-summer time. Not sure if it is open then during the summer or not. Maybe next Monday....
5 of us are taking on the 789 grade youth Bible Study that goes along with their regular youth meetings. Youth is a combined group from several churches 7-12. They break out the Bible Study groups in different ways different years. This is our first year. We've been reading up on some material, picked out books that we will do with our 789 girls. The guys have chosen some material for the 789 boys. Next week will be our first get-together. Here's hoping we can make a difference for God. Always a challenge, but they are at a great age to soak it in and use it. Right now we are scheduled to meet every other week, but who knows, maybe we'll have to get together all the time to get in all the great stuff we're planning and formulating in our minds!! They won't know what hit them.
Annnnnddd, there are things in my kitchen that are looking for attention and we are starting to address them now. Just starting...but do tell...what do you LOVE most about your kitchen, or someone else's and what are some mistakes to avoid??? And let's be just a little practical, because seriously, money IS an object! I'm not ripping the whole thing off and starting over...but we have some issues.
And my creative space is a disaster, but I think alot could be done 5 pounds at a time, so it's time to get at it. GO GO GO!!
Have a great fall day. I might just go curl up with a blanket, as long as I can get away with it. :o)


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Back splash in the kitchen... Lowes random size tile squares, came in a 12x12 mosaic.... earth tone.... LOVE IT.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Pergo floor! I have found that a 2-year old can throw a golf ball on it and leave a small divot; but other than that, it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time off! Our weather has been great for the blanket and book. I have a fiction referral - Kristin Hannah, Winter Garden - amazing, I couldn't put it down and you need tissues!!

Anonymous said...

And kitchen wise I was excited to find the little tiny tiles to make a back splash with and I picture making your own design with them, family fun and something to be proud of.