Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my anniversary. 15 glorious years. No, I'm really not kidding... OK, on occasion there are a few days where I'd rather bite someone's head off than be nice, but hey, I'm a woman, right?! We have been through a lot together and look forward to a lot more to come.

My best advice to dating couples....If you think you can change him into the man you want him to be, walk away. He might be thinking the same about you, and do you think you need fixed?? Be yourself and follow your gut. God has a way of giving you clues, if you listen. But also remember that God has a sense of humor!!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

You are such a beautiful bride.... and oops, I thought it was tomorrow... cuz, you know 7 is the number!

Sue said...

What a cute wedding picture!

Happy anniversary, Karen.


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...


Hen Jen said...

Congratulations! Beautiful photo!