Thursday, October 6, 2011

With my friends....

Wednesday, my friends asked me along on a little road trip. Friend Elaine was in Florida last week getting her son married. It was a lovely small wedding and this Saturday, there will be a reception to honor the couple here in the area. One of the things that needed doing before Saturday, was to go to a local winery and picking out and bringing home some wine for the reception. Willowe was the driver, and they assured me that LUNCH was on the schedule.

This was my first time to WOODBURY VINEYARDS in Fredonia NY. And it was really fun! We were early enough, and on a Wednesday, so there really wasn't much of a crowd to contend with. I hadn't been wine tasting before. Yes, I know, almost 50 and never been wine tasting. I can now mark it off my Bucket List. Thanks so much, Maria, for being so patient and making our time there so much fun. We paid $3 for a wine glass that we got to bring home. And we got clipboards with the wines listed and the pouring began. I'm not much of a fussy wine person...actually more of a wine cooler kind of girl. With a splash or so of wine, from any of the offerings of the winery, I was able to find several that I wanted to bring home. If she poured me something I didn't even care for, the little bucket was there for their disposal. Life's too short to drink something you don't like. There were also a few that were not yet bottled, but we were able to taste, and put them down for our next trip out. Yep, sometime in the not too distant future, we are headed to Woodbury again. Squeezed in between 2 friends' part time jobs and the other's radiation treatment, we will be celebrating life and friendship, the way it's supposed to be.

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Hen Jen said...

sounds like fun, how nice to spend time with friends :)