Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday was an errand day. I had a drop off, and a go-to-the-other-office thing to do for my husband for some clients... and I had a list. I asked the newly home from college student if she wanted to go with me. There were birthday presents for her on the list. She agreed, my only girl and for the most part, not a shopper person.
We didn't start very early which was fine, because our nasty, rainy day was delayed a bit. I had time to neaten up a few of my planted spaces, pull some weeds, and then I had a little more time, so I planted 3 plants of 4 variety of tomatoes that I had started from seeds. I got a bit of a late start with those seeds and my plants are not too big, but they turned out OK last year, so I'm good with them. I also planted 4 rows of green beans. That's all that's in so far, but I feel good about it. It hasn't really been very nice yet this spring. Lots of rain and not real warm, but I'm hoping maybe to get a few more things in between this weekend and next. Still want to put in a couple of pumpkin plants, some more tomatoes, my purple peppers, of course....I have carrot seeds and I've never planted them, so maybe this year...just trying to figure out where to put it. I had considered plopping another raised bed in, but you know... the hubby loves his grass and I'm trying to keep to one area that is sort of out of the way of other life here, so we'll see.
The daughter arrived here, I jumped through the shower, we errand-ed and had lunch together and can home smiling and with another bag of projects...why is it that I keep coming home with projects, but not that many make it back out??? Saturday night!! I'm thinking of quality time on Saturday night!! Either knitting or cutting and sewing....and healthy eating, of course....and maybe a fitness walk.... oh, I can't wait.
Tomorrow night I'm going to the community play. They are doing "The Sound of Music" and I helped with the costumes, so I'm anxious to go see it. I understand that it will be 3-3.5hours in my seat, so I think I should have a cushion and maybe some pretzels or something and a bottle of water. There is some real talent here and I can't wait to see it.
Have a great Friday tomorrow and I'll leave the light on for you....


Lisa Loo said...

You are so lucky to be planting outdoors already and to be having your daughter home! :0)
Had to smile as you jumped "through" the shower. I think I will try that next time. Sounds much more efficient.
I LOVE The Sound of Music--so cool that you helped with the costumes--thats probably why none of your projects never get done--you are a community helper extraordinary!

Sue said...

Never a dull moment in your life!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Motivated me to my own plantings.... of course,no functional like yours... mine are purely for pleasure.. patio pots will be transformed by afternoon... will post on fb later

Thanx again for all your support. ly