Monday, May 16, 2011

Already Monday

It's already another Monday morning....seems to be some slacking going on here... Oh, well!! It is 9am and the washer and dryer are going, clothes are being folded, I need to walk the dog and get over to the office for some hours of tidy. There are files that need to be purged and sorted and re-arranged and some stuff needs to just go somewhere else. I have a box that needs sorted and tallied for the extension that it was and then it can be finished. I look around here and think...hmmm...where is the time going. A list, Kathy, I know that I need to make a list, so I shall.
My sister called and we chatted for a while and she is at the place where her very old companion, a yorkie, needs to be retired. Major health issues, but a very hard decision anyway. My months in the vet clinic make it easier for me to be objective in these things. No, I haven't turned cold to pet owners and their feelings, I just see that sometimes it is for the owners that the pets must stay, even though the pets are more than ready to go. It will be a tough week for her, but she knows in her heart it is the right thing.
A few friends and I are into a 6 week wage/challenge of healthiness. That doesn't look like it is spelled right, but I'm going with it! We must each select 2 forbidden foods that we cannot eat for 6 days a week, but can on our 'day off'. Mine are fried foods and chocolate. My sister says "well, you don't eat that much fried foods." Bacon in my subs, fries that I bake at home were flash fried first, right? Those chicken patties and tenders that are so easy to pop from the freezer to the oven on late dinner nights...Wings from the French Creek Tavern with a couple of fried pickles to go with them...chips, pretty much all of them that are regular. And then there is the chocolate....that I pop...without thinking....more often than I ever far, so good. There is a daily exercise requirement and water drinking and communicating with others who are suffering along with you. I wanted the pounds to just jump off, but hey, they got here one at a time, so I guess it's only right to figure they will leave the same. Scott is doing this with me, so maybe by vacation, we'll have a neat AFTER picture....but it won't really be AFTER....more like a DURING, but an improvement all the same. There IS some $$ at stake...extra motivation to do a good job. I'm not crazy enough to think I'll ever be skinny, and I don't really want to be...just a little more comfortable and healthy. GAME ON!!!

PS...the quilt that I want to hand quilt is just a variety of 9" squares...and alot of them. Any suggestions on a design to put in the center of these blocks is appreciated...possibly not TOO challenging, because there are ALOT of blocks and I'd like to sleep under it this winter. I'm not looking to impress anyone, just be warm and stay together well.. :o)


Sue said...

Sounds like you are up to lots of good things!


Lisa Loo said...

You do not sound like you are slacking at all!
The healthiness thing sounds cool--good luck! I am going to be starting on my own journey soon--hope I can do as well.
If I had ever quilted a day in my life I might be of some help--but I haven't--so I'm not.
How is Mr. Sock? :0)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

This quilt idea for your quilt isn't for a center design but here goes. I have hand quilted 1/2" from each of the seam lines which makes a grid across the entire quilt. It's quick; and depending on the size of your blocks, the stitch lines may be close enough.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I hope you get your quilt finished in time for fall.

Anonymous said...

I knew I needed to lose weight and that I haven't been overly healthy but the other day my 5 yr old asked me if I was having another baby because my tummy was getting big. Yikes! but then a trip to the doctor let me know that I weigh what I did when I delivered him!! Ok- gotta get serious here.