Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Goal - kick the procrastination habit!!

Yep, here they are....better late than never... my reveal day...things to work toward this year.

Things I'd like to experience this year:
1) Knit a sweater for me......and wear it proudly! Maybe one like this:
2) Run or walk for a worthy cause.
3) Make butter and/or wine.

Books on my hit list for this year:
1) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
2) A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson
3) Home Safe - Elizabeth Berg 4) Cold Comfort Farm- Stella Gibbons

Things to Improve:
1) Waist Inches
2) Yoga- stretch
3) May my words be ever pleasant. No cussing! Even to myself. (well, there goes bowling!)

4) Being on time. I don't really like being late. Why do I do it?? Too much squeezing..

Places I want to see this year:
1) Vermont or New Hampshire
2) A state I've never been to
3) Letchworth Park... for the 3rd year in a row.

3 People I'm praying for:
**private** (maybe it's you!)

Spiritual goals:
1) Bible journey
2) Sunday School Class
3) Our Summer Bible Study
4) Beth Moore simulcast in April
Family Goals:
1) Vacation
2) Photo printing - scrapbook all around
3) prepare for Andy >>> college

Physical Goals:
1) 300 miles + walking
2) drop 20 pounds - and leave it!
3) Try some workouts or something different Career Goals:
1) Keep my RMT time constant.
2) Enjoy my tax time!

Household goals:
1) Bathroom beautifications
2) Garden improvement/expansion 3) Kitchen research

Financial goals:
** private ** If everyone would just send everyone else money, just think how rich we'd all be...oh, wait... isn't that called 'taxation'?? Feel free to send back whatever I've sent to other people, through deductions this year. We don't want that money to get cold sitting around!!

Garden goals:
1) Try Pumpkin growing - maybe potatoes too
2) Plant a couple of apple trees
3) Seed saving - gotta try it. Check it out here

Crafty goals:
1) Andrea's quilt
2) Andrea's scrapbook
3) a couple more graduation quilts
4) some graduation pillows...
** graduation will be late this year, due to the projects not getting completed on time** NOPE! They will be ready on time! I will put my SS girls on it to keep me on track. I can't get away with much around them!


Sue said...

You've got a good list there...very ambitious, too!


Rachel B. said...

Wow, and I thought my list was long. Good luck!

The Mom said...

That is a lot to do. No procrastination for you!