Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm a very beginning knitter...
One of the reasons that felting has appealed to me, is that it covers up a multitude of mistakes. They just felt into the process and become un-noticed. The past couple of weeks, as I worked on the baby alpaca hat that I wanted to make, just for me...the yarn is SO SOFT...and I got a little ahead of myself and then I had it finished, but I really wished it was a bit I experimented a bit. I picked up stitches all along the bottom and knit an inch or 2 there and then cast off and then tried it on...but it had a spot that was not stretchy enough... a tight line in the middle of all of my soft, snug knitting. So I knew that it wouldn't do. I ripped that out and was going to just stay with the hat that is a little too short. But then today, I thought...if it is too short, I will not wear it and I will have wasted this soft, beautiful alpaca yarn, so I undid the top, where I had decreased it so neatly, unsewing the loose ends that I had woven in to finish the hat and now I have picked up all of those green knit bumps, ending up with the exact 72 that I needed...and I started knitting again. I will knit another inch or two and then I will start the decrease and I will end the hat. It will be lovely and totally usable. I will be warm and happy. It all works out in the end...Life is Good... P.S. I am NOT making a hat for a baby, I am using baby alpaca yarn. It is very nice and very soft. And my fix is turning out quite well, so far.


Sue said...

You are pretty resourceful to come up with such a good solution!


Anonymous said...

Oh, those poor naked baby alpacas! Small wonder their hair is blue - they were freezing while they were being shorn! ;p