Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is my hat..

Here is my hat,
Made of Alpaca fluff,
That I ripped and reknitted,
'Cuz it wasn't enough.
I backed off the decrease,
picked up those loose stitches,
then knit on some more,
Without many glitches.
The hat that I have now,
Covers over my ears.
To keep my head warm,
For many more years.
Now it's on to the scarf,
I've gone skinny and tall,
Gonna wrap it alot,
When the yarn's gone-that's all!


The Mom said...

Love the hat and adore the poem!

Sue said...

Great hat! Great poem!! Great post!!!


Ripley Library said...

Now aren't we being creative in knitting and verse. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL! Not much else to do while knitting EXCEPT to write poetry in one's head! LOVE this post (and the hat and the poem). Clever girl!
Next up, figuring out our thrift store/open air market/whatever trip in the middle of the USofA! Hope hubby starts bringing in more $$$ soon!